Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hey mom look!
Don't I look pretty with your eye liner!

Playing with mom's jewelry too!

The other day I was getting ready for work and while I was facing one direction into the mirror on the wall, Brooklyn (ignorantly) used my deafness and got into my make up drawer! When I turned around she was putting eye liner on her eyes, or so she was trying too!  It's amazing how smart she is and how she can copy and knows what make up is for.  My mother took a picture of me when I was a little bit older than Brooklyn is now with my whole face full of beautiful black mascara. I need to get that picture and post it along with Brooklyn's but I gotta find it first... Mom has it. Brooklyn is so intelligent... I know most parents say that about their kids but she is something. She knows so many words, knows the sign language for them, and she loves to sing! Matt and I figured out a long time ago if we sing she calms down. So if you ever hear us singing, I looked out the window and what did I see followed by Once there was a snow man, snow man, snow man followed by I love mommy she loves me and 20 other songs in a row it's because she is like the energizer bunny and keeps signing (and saying) AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN! So Matt and I have become quite the duet! We even thought of trying out for American Idol! I always tell matt I hope to sing in the choir in heaven and sing a solo! Ironic for a deaf gal to say!  

Friday, February 15, 2008

I love Valentines Day although I wasn't able to get any valentines out like I wanted to. I have two batches of sugar cookie dough still in the fridge. I had planned on making the cookies and some other valentine items when I finally had time last night but it didn't happen... The snow storm decided to kick in and prevent me from even coming home at all last night. But I am grateful for all the snow we have been getting.
I was at work, Brooklyn was with a babysitter in SLC and Matt was on his way to pick us up. He left Saratoga Springs at 4:30 pm and realized he was never going to make in time to pick me up to get me to my city league basketball game at 6:30 pm (which eventually was cancelled) because it took him 2 hours to drive 5 miles. He decide to turn around and go home to wait out the storm... he ended up driving 5 miles in 3 hours trying to get home, ended up parking his car at Smiths and walked the 10 min walk to our home in the freezing, 70 mph winds! He had but a thin jacket on and felt as though he were a pioneer trekking his way to the Salt Lake Valley.  (I can't even imagine traveling many miles in the snow... How strong our ancestors must have been...). Matt made it home but not without realizing he had left the house key in the car and no neighbors were home for him to warm up in. So he made the trip back to the car and walked back home again. He would later walk back again at 1:30 am to pick up the car when the traffic had dispersed. 
During Matt's adventure, I was still stuck at work and had been there since 9:00 am, it was 6:30 pm by the time I was able to borrow my sister in law's (Lindsey) car. Thank goodness she works at the same place as I do. I was able to go and pick up Brooklyn who was supposed to be picked up at 5:oo-ish. So I got Brooklyn came back to work and waited for Lindsey to get off work at 8:30 pm and then headed to Draper to stay the night since traffic was still bad in Saratoga Springs. What a long day it was and I still didn't get to do my valentines but I dang it I am still going to make them and give them away as a belated valentine! :) 
This morning, I was able to get home and Matt surprised me with a bouquet of flowers and a basket full of heart stuff. He also gave me a really funny card that totally describes both him and I.  The front of the card says, To my wife, "Did you know you're cute when your aggravated?" Then when you try to open the card it doesn't open! It's actually glued together! hahahahaha so of course I try to pry it open thinking what the heck! Then on the back it says, "See? Happy Valentines Day from the one who aggravates you the most!" hahhahahaha it was hilarious.  Matt really loves to push my buttons because he thinks it's so cute! I just love that guy! 
For Valentines Day we decided we wanted to paint one of our walls red and so we did just that! Matt also made me yummy honey butter shrimp with mango tacos for dinner that I love! Bajio has this on their menu and so he tried to copy it. It was DELICIOUS! Brooklyn loved it too! She is a great seafood eater by the way.  
Matt and I take turns coming up with an idea for something to do on Valentines Day and he did such a wonderful job! I am already thinking of ideas for next Valentines Day since it's my turn! I love you Matt and Brooklyn says, I love you daddy!  Here are some pictures of a fun filled day!

Matt making honey shrimp with mango tacos

Cute Brooklyn in her Valentine hat! Isn't she adorable?

Valentine from my Sweetheart

Matt all decked out in red! GO UTES!

Putting up the tape! (No I didn't paint in my nice clothes...)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Okay it's been a while since I last posted a blog but I couldn't darn silly find the cord that allows me to download the pictures from the camera and I finally found it the other day. So some of the pictures I am posting are things that happened a few weeks ago but I still wanted to share! I have a few updates so it will take me a few blog post to get it all in! 

A while back I took a cake decorating class for fun and was able to try out my skills when my sister, Amie, asked if I could make a some kind of race car cake for my nephew Jake! I gladly decided to take a shot at it and really enjoyed it! Here was the end result!

Family at birthday party

Mom, Dad, Adam and Brooklyn
Uncle Eric and Brooklyn hanging out

Jake working hard on painting his race car
My sister Amie and her husband moved a couple weeks ago down to St. George! I was pretty sad since we won't get to see them often but I guess that means we will have to make more trips down there since Cam and Michelle live down there too! Eric got a marketing job with my the Fitness Ridge company.  Cam and Michelle own the company check out their Web site:
Its a great place to be and to learn how to eat and exercise without using weight loss pills, starving yourselves, protein shakes, etc. It really is a great weight loss facility! They were in the USA Today newspaper a couple months ago so they are getting some national recognition. I am so happy for them and for what a great business they have started. 
Since Amie and Eric were moving we had a small going away party for them and we sang this song that I absolutely love and it made me cry as we sang it to them:

From this valley they say you are going,
We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smiles;
For it seems you are taking the sunshine,
That has brightened our lives for a while.

Come and sit here a while 'fore you leave us.
Do not hasten to bid us adieu.
But remember us here in "Happy Valley",
And the family who loves you so true. 

We all miss you guys up here and can't wait to come down and visit you all!