Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where have we been?

Hi, I am just writing to say yes... we are still here...

I won't be posting pictures at this time but I wanted to let everyone know we are still alive and well! Alive and well in ROCHESTER, NY! Yep we moved to Rochester in August, a quick and crazy move! Matt decided to get his MBA at the University of Rochester and while attending he is one of the U of R's swim assistant coaches (here is the trick, coach at a college and get free schooling!). Matt is loving it and started his first week of classes last week as well as actual hands on coaching. He is so in love with coaching and I am glad he has this opportunity to share his Big Book of Knowledge about swimming. For those of you who know Matt, he can read the thickest book on swimming and get so excited about it. He just has this energy inside to share his knowledge! I am so proud of him for making the decision to get his Masters Degree because its been something he has wanted to do. Good Luck honey and I will support you the whole way through! Though we never see each other! I thought we moved away to spend more time together... hahaha at least I get to be home with cute lil Brooklyn!

Brooklyn seems to be doing okay here, although she misses her grandparents and cousins very much! She has told me several times, "Mommy I want to go back to Utah...". It breaks my heart and I try to cheer her up saying that we will fly back and visit! She does light up especially to the thought of getting on a plane. She started her first day of preschool a couple weeks ago and she is so in love with her new teacher, Mrs. Hadzima. She is such a sweet teacher and Brooklyn enjoys every minute of it. She goes twice a week and would go everyday if she could! I am having so much fun being at home with her and still trying to figure out the whole stay at home mommy thingie! Brooklyn is so excited to announce that we are going to have a new BABY GIRL! She was right all along! Stubborn in her answer that it was a girl, she was right! She has always said her baby sister is in mommy's tummy. She often pulls my belly to her face and gives Baby Bailey a big kiss and hugs her. She is thrilled to be a big sister soon... January 17th is the due date.

Me, I am adjusting to Rochester, day by day. Its very beautiful here, especially when you go out of Brighton, where we live. Its all trees and green and trees and green! I am enjoying the status of a full time mom at home! This is my first time staying at home all day though I have been a mother for over three years! Its an adjustment from working all day to being a mom all day and Brooklyn makes it fun! I feel like I need to be up and going somewhere but now I get to sleep in a little bit which is nice I have to say haha. I do work from home about 10 hrs a week so that helps me with the adjustment. The pregnancy is going well, despite the first four months of pure nausea. It was definitely a different experience from the first pregnancy. Many thought it was a boy, which steered me to think it was a boy too, but we are EXCITED to have another girl! We will be naming her Taylor but have not decided on a middle name yet, it will either be Audrey (after my grandmother), Enone (after my great grandmother) or Anne (after my middle name, which is after my Great Aunt). Taylor Audrey Bailey, Taylor Enone Bailey or Taylor Anne Bailey.... hmmmm not sure which one.... we love them all! I think we will make the decision once she is born. We just can't wait for her to come. I have all her clothes washed and folded ready to go, blankets, and crib (almost). I still need to get a few things like diapers and wipes but its all ready to go! Taylor we are so excited for you to come!

We have a great ward which consists of the English, Deaf and Spanish! So we have three languages happening in one ward and I love that I have an interpreter for each meeting! I am in heaven! Now I can understand all that is going on! Woot Woot! In our own neighborhood we have about 7 other families in the ward, two of which moved out here the same time as we did. Each of the husbands are getting their MBA as well at the U of R and each of us has one daughter! Its been a blessing to have them around! They are so sweet and awesome!

We only live about 30 mins from Palmyra and we have been able to attend the temple already! What a great experience that was! We met a couple serving their mission in the temple who were from St. George, Utah and they knew my aunt and uncle who live in Hurricane, which is just outside of St. George. What a small world. The temple is so small that we get to meet all the temple workers and the spirit was so strong and full of love. In the temple you can look out one of the big windows and it overlooks the Sacred Grove.... a very awe-inspiring view! I love it here, though I get homesick at times... I miss my family dearly and my friends. But I know we are supposed to be here and its been a good adventure for us so far. We have truly been blessed and are very thankful to the Lord for all that has come about.

I will be posting pictures soon and telling about some of the things we have done! Now if I can just get ahold of Matt's computer which has all the pics! It has a better program to touch up the pics and he always has it everyday at work/school! Gotta figure something out haha.