Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally updating... Its about time I get into the groove of things!

Life has been so busy since our sweet daughter, Taylor, joined our family 3 months ago.  It boggles my mind that 3 months has gone by and Taylor is growing so quickly. We are having so much fun with her and love her smiling face! She may smile a lot but she also cries a lot... Well mostly when mommy is not around her is when she cries. She is a mommy's girl and to tell you the truth I LOVE IT! I love feeling that she needs me and I just want to do all I can for her. She truly has a wonderful family who loves her so much. Brooklyn is so sweet to Taylor and is always trying to help her not cry and make her laugh. She is a already a mother at heart... There is something so special about little girls. They have an innate motherly instinct from birth and have the desire to love and to make sure others are okay. It's so neat to watch how Brooklyn develops and grows using that motherly instinct. As my friends' daughters have been around Taylor they all just love her so much and always want to hug her and say baby, baby... they are still quite the babies themselves and how would they know to be so gentle and soft when they are the firstborns in their family? Amazing really...  

I am posting pictures from 2 months ago and really in no particular order. You know how sometimes you just need to get all your butterflies out of your tummy when you are nervous or get all your energy out when feel cooped up, well I feel I need to get all my pictures out because I haven't had the chance to share! So here you go! I will be doing several post to get all the pictures up!

Oh so precious... She attended her first birthday tea party and pictures were taken upon arrival on this cute piece of furniture. 

Just love this picture!

Can you tell its Valentines?

Definitely not happy!

Brooklyn loves to get her nails painted, we had fun doing Valentine nails!

Her Valentine Rose from Daddy... Doesn't she look like an angel?

Brooklyn wanted Daddy to hold all this stuff he is holding and wearing... can't remember why exactly.

Finally had a good snow storm in February! Brooklyn was loving it!

Brooklyn and Daddy shoveling all the snow... they were out there for several hours having so much fun!

I had to get something out of the car and open the door to this snowman! Our neighbor and good friend, Greg, made a snowman right in front of our door!

Brooklyn loooves to help me clean around the house. We were trying to see how much stuff she could put away in one trip up the stairs.