Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Isn't this just beautiful.... So awe-inspiring.....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Random acts of fun!

Hey there!  I have gone out of the blogging world and trying to get back in but I keep getting sucked out by other things but alas I found some time to blog!  I have a lot to catch up on and well.... be prepared for lots of pictures.

These pictures date back to Dec. 2008 so they are in no particular order... Enjoy! 

The Gang at mom and dad's house for Christmas Eve... Yummy food, full tummies, presents and fun! What more can we ask for then to be with family!

Grandma and Grandpa Groen came and ate Christmas Eve dinner with us. Its always a pleasure to have them with us. We sure love them!

Christmas Eve at my parents home was lots of fun! Some (but not all, we have several missing!) of the nieces and nephews are showing off their new pajamas! We missed having both Kelsch's and the Jackson's there.

Santa decided Brooklyn was a very good girl! She loves her card table and her grocery cart she received from her good friend Hailey! 

Brooklyn loves this trampoline Santa brought her for Christmas. She jumps whenever she can! What a lucky girl!

Brooklyn loves puzzles!

Brooklyn received a huge jewelry box that came with 3 princess dresses, wands, tiaras, slippers, necklaces, rings, earrings, you name it and she fell in love with it as you can see..... What a sweet angel and princess she is....

Daddy and Brooklyn being pulled on a sled by Uncle Cameron in his truck! We sure had a blast on Christmas day! I was sitting in the back of the truck and Matt was trying to grab snow and throw snowballs at me and Brooklyn just freaked out crying, Daddy! Don't throw snowballs! She has a really sensitive spirit and we have to always becareful in what we say and how we do things... It can be as simple as asking Brooklyn not to raise her voice or to not do something and she will look so hurt and offended.... i'ts pretty funny sometimes. She does have a sweet spirit.

Cousin Trey and Brooklyn having the ride of their lives!

Adam dressed in one of many crazy outfits! What an outfit for Christmas morning! 

Enjoying outdoors on Christmas Day! Thanks Cam for pulling us behind your truck!

Christmas night we hung out at Matt's parents home and played some guitar and drums! Check out the new band, The Theurer's! Check out Danny's tongue!

Danny and Loni had Matt and I and we had them (for Christmas) so we decided to go out to Cheesecake factory for our gifts to each other. The kids had a grand time playing Little Red Riding Hood. 

Cute lips Brooklyn!

My mom watches Brooklyn on Tuesdays and often times Brooklyn loves to get out her wash clothes and line them all along the floor with her tiny little rabbit being wrapped in the clothes.

Matt and I enjoyed a fun time watching the UTAH bowl game. It was so funny to watch Matt and Danny get all riled up and jump up and down like kids! They sure are a funny bunch when they are together!

Matt and Brooklyn working on the truck... its finally fixed and we can drive it now! Thanks everyone for all of your help with letting us borrow your cars for work and all! It was such a blessing and we are thankful to Heavenly Father we have the 2nd car fixed so Matt and I can get to work! Brooklyn was a big help! She loves to be with and help Daddy!

Matt and I got to take Brooklyn up in the sky! Our friend Drew took us across the valley and even got so low that we were racing some snowmobilers out near Strawberry Reservoir.  Matt was able to fly alot of the time, he would love to get his pilot license someday.

Brooklyn looking down at the valley from way up high!

We had some friends stay at our home for a few days from Montana. Their cute boys, Jake and Sam were having a tea party with Brooklyn. They had fun running all around and making noises! We took the kids to a place called "Jump On It" in PG and it was a blast. Its basically a big warehouse full of trampolines all together and you can jump all over the place. They even have the tramps set diagonally on the wall so you jump off the wall. It was so much fun and we are excited to go back again soon! For more jump on it pics click here.
(Make sure you scroll down a little ways to see more pictures on the site)

Amie jumping over me! We had so much fun doing this!

Matt and Matt bouncing off everywhere! See the tramps on the sides! Way fun!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello from San Francisco!

We are out in San Francisco for the holiday weekend and it has been a blast! We are here visiting Loni and Danny and just hanging out. One of the highlights of the trip so far was seeing Lance Armstrong in the tour of California. He went right past where we are staying but it was hard to pick out anyone in particular since they were going so fast. It has been raining pretty much the whole time we are here but we are making the most of it. It's always nice to get away!