Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008- Part One

Well I have a few things to post about this Christmas so it's going to take few blog post to get it all in. It will be alot of pictures but this really is for my own sake as I am printing the book at the end of the year. Anyways here are some pictures of the past few weeks leading up to the day before Christmas Eve. 

While putting up the Christmas lights, (which we did two weeks before Christmas, I know... lame... but we have been so busy and no time...), I was trying to get a cute picture of Matt and Brooklyn and Brooklyn kept making this funny face! Ha Ha Ha

We told ourselves we were getting new Christmas tree this year, a real one... didn't happen. My sister got this put-together tree for us a few years ago (when we had no money) and each year we keep saying we are going to get a bigger one or a new one or a pre-lit one or whatever one! But it always ends up that we keep using this tree. Our fourth time we have used it I believe. Thanks Amie! 

Brooklyn practically decorated the Christmas tree all by herself! Hence the "Let me do it" phase she is still in. She had fun and we had fun watching her.  This is also our fourth year with no tree topper! I just never know what to put up there or find anything I like when I am actually out looking... it remains un-topped still.... Hmm... Maybe next year?
I decided I wanted to make gingerbread houses this year to spike up the Christmas cheer and set it up for all my siblings to come with their children (Amie and Cam and their families did it in St. George which they had already planned). We enjoyed a fun time and there were a few party poopers (those who didn't decorate a house)... you know who you are! LOL.

My handy man brother Cody went all out on the Christmas castle he made! It's so perfect! He installs cabinets and loves to create furniture so you can see where his awesome skills come from! He was the only Male Adult who was fun enough to participate! My sister gave us a tip on how to glue to the house together. (Burn one cup of sugar in an electric skillet, stir until it becomes liquid. Turn down heat, warm enough to keep it liquidy. Dip the edges of the crackers in it and press together to another edge and viola! You have a house to decorate in minutes! I also have two frosting recipes if anyone is interested!

Working hard to create a yummy house! Wouldn't it be fun if we could actually live in a candyland home during Christmas?

The end result! I love decorating gingerbread houses! I love Christmas!

Brooklyn's friend Hailey and Brooklyn both helped me make chocolate covered pretzels to deliver to our neighbors to spread the Christmas cheer.  And Christmas cheer did they get! They enjoyed dipping the pretzels themselves and eating them rather than saving them!

Christmas cheered wide-eyed girl eating the most delicious candy she ever did eat! Well it better be the best she ate cause she made them! 

Here is our finish product of Christmas cheer! Next year we will dip them in carmel first so they don't like chicken legs! Pretty good for a first timer don't ya think?

Later Brooklyn helped me deliver the Christmas cheer pretzels and enjoyed walking in the snow! Here we are at the Johnson's home (they are leaving for their mission to Johannesburg, South Africa Mission in Feb.) I wanted to share a cute moment Brooklyn had with them. Matt was getting ready to leave the house and Brooklyn slipped out a few minutes before he did. The Johnson's were also on the their way out. Brooklyn walked up to them and said, "Hey you're all dressed up! You going to church?". They responded, "Actually no, we are going to the temple." Brooklyn was so excited she replied, "You're going to the temple!? I love the temple!"  What a sweet spirit she has.... We sure love her.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kelsch Family Christmas Party
We had a Christmas party with relatives on my dad's side of the family at the Country Inn & Suites in Sandy. We enjoyed some wonderful food (hoagies, salad, chips, dessert). Santa and Mrs. Claus came to visit all the kids and they each received a gift! We missed Cam, Amie, Matt and all their family!

Cody, Kristin and cute Addison

My cute niece Addison sitting on Santa's lap for the first time. Piece of Cake!

Cute little brother Adam! Anyone who wants to date him as to run it by me first! Yep... that's right!


Grandpa and Brooklyn (she is signing LOVE)

This is my cute 2nd cousin, Braxton. He is also deaf like me! He is one shy dude and I can't get him to sign anything without blushing... HaHaHa

Merry Christmas Everybody!
(Brooklyn did quite well with Santa this year. She had that little hesitant look on her face when she first sat in his lap but was adamant that she was gonna sit on his lap until she got her gift)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching Up!

I want to take several minutes and catch up on some things we have been doing the past few weeks. We have been pretty busy and will continue to be busy... I would love some down time but when you have both Matt and I working full time... its hard not to be busy. Brooklyn has been busy right along side with us! She is showing her very intellectual side and seems to have such a great memory for many things... she gets this from her Daddy and she continues to sing she loves to sing... she gets this from Mommy! Now for those who have heard her sing you might notice that she sings just as I sing... mimicking my off-tune voice... it's the only way she knows how unless others sing with her but she sure sounds so pretty! Some of her favorites are, I love to see the Temple, I am a Child of God, Tomorrow Tomorrow, Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Lead Kindly Light, Bob Marley songs, and many others. 
Below are some  pictures to enjoy!

Brooklyn climbed the red rocks in Snow Canyon all by herself. Her latest (and has been for a long while) thing to say is, "Let me do it mine self!"  I have had to step back and let her do things on her own when I desperately just want to help her with everything. She is quite the independent woman! I think it's good a characteristic she has developed to do things on her own and hope she uses that to develop a stronger sense of self-confidence that is greatly needed in this tough world. 

The Girlz! Cuzins Natalie and Brielle! Aren't they a cute bunch!
We had a wonderful time in St. George for Thanksgiving! We ate at good ole Chuca Rama and had no mess to clean up! What a nice treat! We enjoyed shopping, golfing (the boys), movies, running up snow canyon, hikes, nerf ball, chatting all night, Kristin's birthday and yummy ice cream cake! We missed having Matt, Sarah and the kids as they were in Ohio. 

The sun will come out tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow! They'll be sun! Just thinking about tomorrow, clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow, til there's none! When I'm stuck with day thats grey and lonely, I just stick out my chin and grin and say OH the sun will come out tomorrow so you gotta hang on til tomorrow! Come what may tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya, tomorrow your only a day away!

Brooklyn is in LOVE with Annie! I love this movie and figured she would too and she is hooked! She will watch this movie at least 3 times a day if I would let her. She loves the Tomorrow song and is so cute when she sings it, she sings as if she is on broadway and lifts her chin to sing louder. It's so cute! In the picture above she was watching Annie while eating a candy cane... another thing she loves! 

Brooklyn got into my closet the other day and put on this scarf! Then she wanted her boots , hat and her gloves! Isn't she such a sweet model! She loves Pink! The other day she said she wanted a pink car! And loves to dress like a girl! (I love that...)

Matt and I took Brooklyn to see all the fun Christmas trees! We found a U of U tree and of course Matt needed a picture next to it! There was a BYU tree next to it and I stood in the middle! (not pictured). Matt is a strong Utah fan and I am in the middle leaning more towards BYU. I love Utah for swimming but for all other sports I root for BYU! We had a good time watching my niece, MyKella, sing in the Christmas program. She did so well!
I bought Brooklyn a cute little pocket purse that was filled with candy and she was having so much fun walking around feeling like a grown up girl! Look at that cute girl strut, (its all in the arm swing!)

I sure love my little girl!

I was able to get four tickets to attend the LDS Christmas program for the last performance this morning and I think we got the best performance of the week! My mom and Adam came with Matt and I! We enjoyed a wonderful time listening to the choir sing as well as Bryan Stokes Mitchell and Edward Herrmann. It was snowing this morning and it made it even more festive and fun as we walked around the conference center. The Christmas decoration was beautiful and sitting in that conference center a few rows from the front and almost center was just amazing! The conference center becomes more magnificent each time I go there! 

Walking in the Winter Wonderland!

(left white hair George Mitchell, hugging him is his son Bryan, Prophet Monson, Edward Herrman, Elder Utchdorf) 
The picture is not so good I know... my idiot camera's flash doesn't carry far... I need me one of those nice cameras with the big lenses. Anyway, my favorite part of the whole program was at the end when our Prophet Thomas Monson got up and shared a few words. He presented gifts to both Mitchell and Herrman as well as Mitchell's father, George who was a WWII fighter pilot. As a surprise to Prophet Monson, Bryan sang him the song, Dream the Impossible Dream. The story behind this is earlier in the week the whole group along with some of their family and other leaders of the church were in meeting getting to know each other and Bryan was asked to sing this song. Meanwhile, Prophet Monson was trying to look for them and didn't make it to the meeting on time and missed out on hearing the song he loves so much. So this morning Prophet Monson got the chance to hear it. The spirit was so strong in there and to top it all off, the choir sang, God be with you til we meet again to Mitchell, Herrmann and their family.
I am so grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints... It's amazing the feeling we get when we feel the spirit testify to us the truthfulness of Prophets and of great people. I always hope each guest invited to participate to sing with the Choir is able to feel the goodness that comes from this church and from the sweet spirits they meet.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

She said, "Mommy, I love you very much...."

Out of the blue today while driving to my parents tonight for some birthday cake and ice cream for my sister in law, Brooklyn said, "Mommy, I love you very much...".  It was so sweet and I felt she really meant it. It wasn't a yell or even too quiet, it was pretty much what she said. I just love my cute little girl! We have so much fun together! Today we wore matching church outfits (thanks Michelle for showing me this cute dress for Brooklyn) and tonight we wore matching casual outfits! We were both signing I love you to Matt who was taking the picture.  We love you Daddy!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I have been tagged by my awesome sister-in-law Michelle! So here goes!

8 shows I love to watch: well wouldn't you know.... We haven't had TV in the 4 years we have been married so I don't have the slightiest idea of what's playing out there these days... Nor do I care to know... My favorite shows growing up (when they were all clean, funny and wholesome were), Bill Cosby, Full House, Saved by the Bell, Little House on the Prarie, and the Disney Sunday Night Movies (which they don't do now...).

8 Favorite Resturants: Well when we can get out I like to go to, 1. Red Rock (Downtown SLC), 2. Show Gun (Sushi restuarant in downtown SLC), 3. Market Street Grill, 4. Zupas,
5. Pazzo Vita (Italian sandwichs and salads), 6. Parrothead Island Grill (hawaiian food),
7. Olive Garden, and once in a blue moon, La Caille (good food and romantic atmosphere).

8 Things I look forward to: 1. Spending the rest of my life with my husband, 2. Watching Brooklyn continue to grow each day (she's so much fun!), 3. Continue to stay in shape,
4. Visit New York (I looove New York, they have a yummy restaurant called Zen Pallate and its all mushrooms... i know it sounds not so good to some of you but really its amazing what they can do with mushrooms... mmmm sooo good!), 5. Matt going to grad school,
6. More kids! 7. A better year in 2009... 2008... not so great, 8. Shopping! I love shopping!

8 Things on my wish list: 1. I wish I could see all of my family more than a few times a year... I sure love them and miss them alot... Lives get busy... don't ya just dislike technology sometimes? It makes the world work faster and longer... anyways....
2. Hmmmm.... I am having a hard time thinking of things I wish for... 3. I am pretty happy where we are at in life (with exception of bills schmills! :), 3. Honestly, I give up....
4. I have gone to bed....

8 people I tag: Hmmmmm... I am not sure who looks at this blog or not... let's see.... Kirsti D., Nicole G., Loni T., I think Amie J. has been tagged and Kristen K. too..... Sarah K.? and any others....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turning 31

I wanted to take the time and thank my cute family for a FUN birthday! I didn't think turning 31 would be such a happy day but it was! It actually felt like all my other birthdays where I feel like I am not aging and feel pretty much the same.  I have been thinking about where I am at at age 31 and what I have accomplished thus far and still continue to do... To name a few... I still play basketball every Wednesday night in a competitive league, I weigh less now than I did in high school, I served an LDS mission in beautiful Portland, Oregon, I graduated from college and have a successful job, I have a great husband and such a cute sweet daughter, I have the Gospel in my life and honestly can't even fathom my life without it, and I could say more but I don't want to sound all snotty. I am just grateful for things I have been able to accomplish in my life thus far and hope to continue to achieve more!

For my birthday:
Matt surprised me with a huge "YUMMY" chocolate cake at the UVU alumni basketball game I played in the day before my birthday. I was able to see alot of my former teammates and see my coach as well!
On the morning of my birthday, sweet Brooklyn woke me up and handed me this basket of flowers along with the card. She said, "Mommy, today is your birthday day!"
Matt had made me a delicious breakfast before church and boy was it yummy! You haven't tasted scrambled eggs if you haven't tried Matt's. There is a certain method in cooking the eggs that I haven't quite figured out yet but they are oh sooo fabuloso! That night we went to my parents for a yummy stir fry dinner and apple crisp for my cake! I was stuffed and thankful for all my family who came! 
Just before the alumni game Matt whisked me into the mall and we tried on some pants, we found them quite quick as I was almost late to the game. If you're like me and can't find pants long enough... the BUCKLE is the place to go! Yes its pricey but its worth it if you don't want to look like you are wearing high water pants!
Last but not least, Matt took me to dinner two days after my birthday! I just loved how he tried to stretch celebrating my birthday as much as he could! We enjoyed a great dinner and got a movie to watch at home... It was a Great Birthday! Thank you honey and little sweet angel.

Another birthday gift from Brooklyn... she is potty trained! Way to go big girl! You made it to the Big Girl Toilet! Brooklyn is doing well though she has some accidents here and there and I am partly to blame.... I have a very small bladder... I think Brooklyn inherited too! So no drinks on long rides! (for mom and dad... Wink Wink)

I just had to post this grown up picture of Brooklyn. She is showing the latest fashion trend by being all matchy and cutesy! My my my.... she sure is growing up so fast! She looks so smart too and she really is! The other day she was playing with a magnet on the fridge and she said, "Look Daddy, its upside down!" Then she turned the magnet right side up and said, "Look Daddy, now its upside up!"  .....(speechless look on my face right now.....) Ok... how did she know how to say that? I was definitely not that smart when I was her age! I wonder what her IQ is?

Monday, November 3, 2008

At a loss for words....

Does anyone have any advice.....? Sometimes I feel like my little girl doesn't love me...  but I know she does. It's hard because I don't get to be a stay at home mom right now. At this time it just isn't meant for me to be home each day with my little girl as we need both Matt and I to work to make ends meet. Each time I go pick up my cute little girl she doesn't want to go home with me... It makes it hard for me. Is this normal for any kid who goes with a babysitter and wants to stay with them? I love my little girl so much and just don't know what to do....  I have cried so many times over this and just feel lost.....  Advice Anyone?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cute Little Devils!

Halloween was such a fun time for Brooklyn!
I think she is starting to realize what Halloween is all about.... CANDY and putting on her COSTUME!  Brooklyn loved her costume this year and all the candy she got! Halloween this year felt more festive to me than it has in the past few years. The reason being, we actually did things to make it really feel like it was HaLlOwEeN! First Matt and I took Brooklyn to a Halloween festival which you can read about a couple of blogs before this one, then we took Brooklyn and her friend Hailey who also dressed as a devil to get their pictures taken at Tilt Photography. It was cheap and fun! We also attended a Ward Halloween party which was a big hit with lots of chili, pumpkin desserts and root beer! The party ended by trunk or treating out in the parking lot and that was definitely Brooklyn's favorite thing to do! Matt unfortunately had to work both that night and Halloween night, we missed having him with us!

The cutest little devils! (My cute little angel actually is a devil sometimes!) Don't you love the little tail?

Best Friends Forever!

Oh but really, we are angels....

Trunk or Treating! Brooklyn had a blast gathering all the candy! She wanted to do another round! Oh boy I am going to have one hyper little gal for the next long while! Well... maybe not... I managed to hide all the candy in a big plastic bag and put it in the cupboard... She seems to have forgotten all about it!

Me, Brooklyn, Hailey, and Stacy (her mom). Stacy is such a sweet friend of mine and we both help each other out by watching each other's kid while we work. Thanks Stacy for being a great friend! I think she won best costume! Don't the ripe grapes look delicious to eat! 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amazing Nie Nie

I don't know if you have heard about a special family, especially their mother, Nie Nie, as they call her. You'll noticed I have a button on my blog that says, "Nie Recovery", click on in and you'll see why this family is so special. I happened to run over this article and was not prepared to read such a sweet but sorrowful story. I just bawled as I read this story and am in awe of the love this family has received from many and for the love the immediate family has shown.  I pray for Nie Nie and her husband Christian... Nie Nie your blogs inspire me to be a better person... the way you show your love for your children and make everything in their life seem like a big deal when it should be, the way you love your husband and keep it romantic, the way you bask in life, the way you love life.... 

Nie Nie has a long road to recovery and it's so comforting to know she has a wonderful family both in laws and her own to help her every step of the way.  God bless you Nie Nie and Christian.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Pictures!

We finally got our yearly family photos taken! Brooklyn is growing so fast I can't believe it! As you can tell, she has much more hair than last year. My hair is brown and not so BLEACH blonde! Matt's hair is pretty much the same, aaahhsss.... I love his hair just the way it is! 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Festival

The other day I found out about a Halloween Festival and I thought it would be fun for Matt and I to take Brooklyn. It was put on by the Young Living Farm in Mona which is about 45 minutes south of Saratoga Springs. The drive down was just beautiful and Matt was drooling over all the open land. Matt is a cowboy at heart and he would love to own some land so that his house is the only one around. Maybe his dreams will come true one day? (wink wink)

Going to the festival turned out to be a HIT, especially for Brooklyn. The cost was FREE for adults and children 2 and under. They had all sorts of fun things for kids to enjoy and again it was all free. The only thing we paid for was $3.00 for  3 bags of smores we were able to cook over a huge pit of fire with a band playing in the background. The smores were heaven with thick pieces of chocolate!  Below are some pictures of the fun filled night. Matt and I have decided we want to make this yearly tradition since we enjoy traveling together.  Come join us next year!

Brooklyn fishing for a prize! She won a sucker, her favorite kind of candy!

Hanging with the scarecrow, she sure doesn't look scared!

Brooklyn's favorite thing to do is JUMP, JUMP, JUMP! She spend a good 15 minutes inside the blow-up trampoline. The second she got inside she was like the engergizer bunny jumping and jumping and jumping. She kept trying to catch her breath as she interacted gleefully with us through the net... I, (gasp), am (gasp), having (gasp), FUN! 

Getting her face painted! This is a first for Brooklyn and she threw a fit when we washed it off before she went to bed. We were able to calm her down by telling her we would do it again sometime soon... We better keep our word or will she forget? She chose a bluish color for a spider web and sat so still as a tight drum! 

Now what does Mr. "Sheriff" Bailey think he is doing? You're supposed to clean up this town, not make a mess of it by drinking ROOTBEER!

Sheriff Bailey's sweet wife standing inside her store, trying to keep a bird's eye watch on her ROOTBEER drunk husband!

Brooklyn's first pony ride and she absolutely enjoyed it (though the picture doesn't seem to show much enthusiasm)! The pony's name is Sobe and he was quite the stubborn one. He had to be dragged and pulled by one of the volunteers. 

We had a grand ole time together and stopped off a Chinese place for some yummy food! Brooklyn love the miso and egg drop soup that she took the small bowl and cupped it in her sweet small hands and drank it! She's becoming a true Bailey like her parents, eating all sorts of foreign foods.