Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Our life has been everything but relaxing... We have been so busy busy busy! It all started when I went to Seattle to play basketball in a tournament at the beginning of the month (which we won! whoo whoo!). I was gone from Thursday night until Sunday. Then that Wednesday morning, Matt flew to Seattle for a swim meet. He did well and had a personal best in the 50 free! He was gone until Monday morning. THEN that Wednesday morning, I flew out on a business trip to Chicago, Denver, and Kansas City, MO. I came home yesterday morning. That's not all, I am off to McAllen and Dallas, TX again this Wednesday to Friday (for work). The week after, I may be going to AZ (again for work) then two weeks later off to Anaheim, CA for another basketball tournament.... Our lives just get busier and busier and Matt and I never see each other! So in all of the busyness, Brooklyn had fun being with her cousins who were in town from St. George all week last week. She also got to go fishing with her friend Hailey (isn't daddy so sweet).  They didn't catch fish but sure caught some crabs and sent them back in the water. Matt and Brooklyn went to our friend, Brent's, birthday party and played some pool! Brooklyn was quite the player! 
In all of the commotion and fun the last few weeks, we celebrated Matt's birthday (his gift was the trip to Seattle). We invited my parents and brother Adam over for swiss chicken and rice along with strawberry shortcake. Matt was actually in Seattle on the day of his birthday and his wonderful Aunt and Uncle celebrated a nice birthday for him and Matt Aprecio, Matt's cousin Holly, her husband (named many Matts!) Below are pictures of the last few weeks!

The crab Matt caught! He said it was actually holding onto the food that was on the hook and hadn't even bit into the hook... I am sure its mouth wouldn't fit over the hook but it must have been cute that it was just holding on!

Brooklyn and Hailey fishing! Relaxing and waiting for a tug!

Matt was soooo excited about his new body suit for his swim meet in Seattle.  Doesn't he look HOT! These suits are what the swimmers in the olympics wore... I won't say how much these suits cost... Your jaw will drop to the floor... Close your mouth Michael. We are not cod fish!

Matt's cake... no frosting cause it was for strawberry shortcake... Can ya tell I love ya Matt? The candles were melting like crazy....

My sweetheart... 

Wanna play pool?

Brent, Brooklyn and Matt at Brent's birthday party. 2 men and a little lady!

Matt taught Brooklyn how to fly a kite in our backyard. She has her favorite lady bug rain boots on!

Matt and Matt celebrating their birthday. They are impersonating their action figures that were on their Power Rangers cake. 

Matt's uncle Arney (far left) plays in a band and he had him up on stage with to play the tambourine during "Its Your Birthday" by the Beatles. Uncle Arney plays great music and it was a blast for Matt to be there. Thanks Bailey and Aprecios for all the fun Matt had!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

In my family we have a special birthday song that has been in the family for years. I love how it makes the person feel special... Matt's birthday is today, March 12th! This ones for you sweetheart! Happy Big 28!

"As years go by they seem to do the nicest things for you and every time you have one more you're 12 months dearer than before! A very Happy Birthday, a very Happy Birthday, a very Happy Birthday especially for you! Somebody has a birthday, its dear Matt here. Our Father in Heaven bless him throughout the coming years. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Matt! Happy Birthday to you!"

Happy Birthday Matt! I wanted to share with you all something that I love about Matt. Now there isn't just one thing but many things but I am going to focus on this picture above and the story behind it. 

I love the goofy look of Matt in this picture.... His eye brows turned up makes me melt... so cute! I remember this day, Matt decided he had too many shirts in his drawer and we were doing some late spring cleaning and while I was cleaning and he was TRYING to clean he said, "I have a confession to make and  I've realized that there is something that you are way better than me at. And I hate to admit it but there is nothing I can do about it." I said, "What is it?" He said, "Now there are a lot of things that I am ultimately better than you at like rummikub (yeah right), no matter how hard you try you'll never be better than me. But I have to admit, that I can never keep up with you when we're cleaning. I've tried, but when you go on your cleaning rampage, I get left in the dust! You can clean like 7 rooms before I can clean one. Its because I get distracted by other things like cleaning out my drawers or whatever." I laughed knowing full well that was true (excluding the part where he says he is better than me in rummikub... I beg to differ and say we both have won our fair share of games).  While Matt was attempting to work he did get distracted and started cleaning his drawers out. He was having a hard time getting rid of shirts. I told him if you haven't worn it for weeks then chuck it. I was giving him reasons why he didn't need some things. There were some shirts he just could not quite depart with and was still emotionally attached. When he wanted to keep a shirt he said, "I'm keepin this one, not you or nobody else is telling me otherwise." Hahaha LOL! He told me how each shirt has a story to it and he has memories attached to it and getting rid of a shirt is like getting rid of a part of yourself even if you don't wear it anymore! We made it through and we were able to get some a few bags of clothes to send to the DI. 

The point of this story is... Matt has such a funny sense of humor and knows how to make me laugh! I love spending time like this and although cleaning is not his best trait, he still helps me no matter what! I love you Matt and I hope you have such a wonderful time in Seattle! For those who don't know, Matt is competing at sectionals right now hoping to get a qualifying time for Nationals. He loves to swim and tries to see how far he can go! He looks so hot in in full body black swim suit! Good Luck Babe! 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

St. George and other tid bits

Matt, Brooklyn and I were able to take a quick weekend trip to St. George for a swim meet Matt was in last week. We stayed with my sister, Amie and her family, and had a great time! I guess you  could say we needed a vacation from vacation, earlier in the week we had just gotten back from San Francisco and felt like we needed more vacations! More vacations I say!  

The fun bunch! Eric was home watching Natalie (who was sick, poor thing and baby Olivia) so Amie brought Spencer (in her lap) and Jake. Thanks for letting us crash at your place Sis! Brooklyn is off in her own la la la land making some funny faces.  (bad picture I know.... its the darn camera...). Anyway, Matt has been swimming to qualify for sectionals in Seattle in March. He just loves to swim and wants to improve on his time. At sectionals (which is a championship meet for the northwest part of the country) he will swim the 50 and 100 free as well as some relays. He hopes to get a qualifying time for Nationals! He is part of a club team that competes locally and nationwide. He has a love for swimming and even teaching it that even though he is done with college he still likes to compete. Way to go Matt!

Spencer and Brooklyn enjoying the nice weather in Snow Canyon. Its such a beautiful place and Matt would love to move down here... I on the other hand say I would love to move there but then other times I love Salt Lake... So we will have to see...

Brooklyn and Jaxson goofing around.

They had a great time playing together and mimicking each other! (This is in San Francisco while visiting Loni and Danny).

The other day it had been a long day and I picked Brooklyn up from my neighbor who had been watching her. She fell asleep on the short ride home and I brought her into the house and she woke up. But when I sat her down to make some dinner for her she fell right back to sleep in this position.... it was sooo cute.... She must have had a fun day at my friend's home, she has 3 boys... yeah go figure thats why she was so tired! :)

Matt and Brooklyn just playing on the floor in the living room.... I just had to post these pictures... I love them both so much!

I love how they are both holding each other's face with their hands.... so precious....

I was cleaning the bathrooms one day and Brooklyn happened to have her princess dress on and wanted to help wash the toilet... She looks like Cinderella! We had so much fun cleaning the rest of the house together. I feel it's so important for her to learn and start young to keep a house clean. She does well with helping me put her toys away, keeping her room clean and often times washes down the cabinets, chairs and floors. My parents always had a chore chart and we were always expected to do our part. It was one of the best things my parents taught me because it taught me about the value of work and responsibility.  I want to pass this on to my children so they can learn respect, service and all the things that come with it. Kids can never be too young to start learning!

This is such a sweet view I often get each morning before I go to work.... If you can't tell, Brooklyn is signing I love you... I love my sweet angel...