Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eating off tables and running it all off!

This past weekend on Friday we had the missionaries over for dinner and we did "eating off the table" style!! Matt has wanted to do this for a long time and so we thought we would invite the missionaries over to enjoy a fun way of eating.  Our friend, Greg, provided the lucious pink table table cloth, plastic if you will, so that after all was eaten and utensils and cups were cleared off, we could simply wrap up the cloth and throw it away without a big mess to clean up.  This could become a daily way of life for us as there was not many dishes to wash!  Oh Matt would love that! We all had a great time!

The next morning I ran my second 2nd half marathon in Grand Island, NY which is about one hour and 15 minutes from Rochester (clsoe to Buffalo).  I was very fortunate to have a training schedule to follow by the track coach at the U of Rochester and with the the constant help and support from Matt I was able to shave off 9 minutes from my best time, 1:48.00.  All week I had been nervous because the weather had been pretty nasty and I just DID NOT want to run in the cold and most definitely not not in the wind. Running in the wind is like trying to run up the escalator in the wrong direction, taking strides only to pull you back a few steps. Come Saturday morning, the weather couldn't have been better! Sunny, very small breeze, and I just felt good! The course was along the Niagara River and along the course was the main road which was not busy at all. Because of that Matt was able to follow me the whole race!  It was fun to see him every two miles with my two little girls cheering me on and giving me a water bottle to drink from.  What a great strength it was to me to see them all. Sweet Brooklyn tried to give me a dandelion each time and I could never quite grab it. Taylor was pretty much a nightmare crying the whole time and sweet Matt was racing back and forth trying to make her happy and also see me run.  I can't wait to start my next race which is in June in UTAH!! Yeah for Ragnar Relay and the 188 mile run with my 12 member team, "Runnin Wild"!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!

I sure love this guy!!!

Elder Preisendorf, Elder Frost, Matt, Brooklyn and Greg

Chow down baby!

 Brooklyn loving this food on the table stuff!

Making a mess but loving it!

"O...K... This is wierd..."

Chillaxin...Taylor loves Greg!

Just finished running the race!! Taylor was clapping for me!

My friends from the ward who also ran! Way to go team!

Just had to post this... Taylor loves walking around with this purse on her arm and a green lucky charm necklace. She puts it on all by herself and walks all over.
"I'm loving this Hello Kitty movie, its mine!"