Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let's go fly a kite way up into the sky!

After church today it was a little windy and Brooklyn noticed her kite in the trunk of the car and you know what happens next!

By the time Matt got the kite put together the wind had died down and so here he is trying to get the kite up into the sky... Not doing so well...

Getting frustrated.... Cute Brooklyn trying to help in any way that she can.

Finally... the wind decided to pick up the kite!

Brooklyn was thrilled to be flying a kite all by herself. I feel bad this is her first time... That I can remember of anyways and she has had that kite for over almost two years! Its about time we flew it!

I am making fun of myself here... I don't know what happened to this jacket but either I grew or the jacket shrunk... I think its the latter and dang it I don't like it when my clothes shrink! This jacket is going in the thrift pile! Do you know how many times I have had to throw clothes in the thrift pile because they have shrunk!!

Out little girl growing.... growing....

way up high into the sky.... well okay she won't get that tall, but we are sure she will be tall! (volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, basketball, basketball, basketball, volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, basketball, basketball, basketball...)

I posted two other entries along with this one! Check them out!

Oven-dried tomatoes and my birthday!

I love sun dried tomatoes but they are so expensive that I looked at one of my favorite websites, Our Best Bites and found this recipe for oven-dried tomatoes! They are heaven and make your house smell so yummy! Brooklyn wanted to help me in every possible way and she did such a great job!

Taking the stems off the tomatoes

Adding freshly ground pepper

Laying out the tomoates, not sure why she's making this face... Maybe it felt all slimy with the olive oil?

Drizzling olive oil

Topping tomaotes with fresh chopped garlic... smells strong!

And Viola!!! Ready for the oven! Don't they look yummy! 

It was my birthday this last week and Elder Peck and Halbert surprised me stopped by to say Happy Birthday! We invited them in for sushi and Matt taught them how to make it. This was Elder Halberts first time eating sushi... he is still working on acquiring a taste for it.

Look what the Elders surprised me with! Cold Stone!!! Cake batter ice cream with almonds and raspberry! It was heaven!!! Thanks Elders, you guys Rock!

Matt and the girls took me out later for a night of shopping! I got some pants and tops from one of my favorite stores, Buckle!!! Its the only place that sells pants long enough for my long legs! Afterwards, we stopped at our favorite grocery store, Wegmans... If you ever come to NY to visit us, you bet your bottom dollar we are taking you there! I picked out a delicious Italian Rum cake and oh my goodness! It was seriously the most moist cake I had ever eaten! We loved it and chowed it down! Thanks Matt, Brooklyn and Taylor for a wonderful night!! I love you!!!

I took Brooklyn to see the musical play, Annie! We both were so excited since we have watched that movie together so many times.

Getting ready to watch the show! Brooklyn is showing a new fashion statement with her cute headband. I pushed it back, she pulled it down, I pushed it back, she pulled it down... I gave up! She looks cute and the way she wears the band looks almost like the roaring 1920's! During the show Brooklyn leaned over and asked me, Mom can I do a play sometime?  I told her of course! Later, on the drive home, she said, Mom, I will wait to be in a play until I am like 6, 7, 8 or 9 cause then that way I won't be scared.  (I love this gal!)

Our wonderful friend and her dog as Sandy in the play. Karen Lyman (townsperson), her son Gus (Housekeeper) and their dog were in the play. Karen is in our ward and she is also my visiting teacher. I sure love her and her family!!! We can't wait for another musical to go to.

Happenings this week....

I caught Taylor gnawing... nothing new.

She is already developing an attitude and didn't look too thrilled that I caught her! Notice the marker, she gnaws on that too...

Puckering her lips again... Love the boots she is wearing!

On her way to becoming a hair stylist. Brooklyn came running down the stairs one evening and paraded around the room to show us her stylish hair. She put them into pigtails with bows all by herself! She was so tickled!

Brooklyn and her friend Safari (long i sound). These two have so much fun together! Safari lives two doors down and he and his family moved in over the summer. They love to play on the tires across the parking lot, dig for treasures in our dirt patch and ride their scooters.

Our famous babysitter!! Cory is awesome with kids!! He and his brother Caleb are "The Ones" to babysit. All the kids love them and they love the kids!  Can you tell how much Taylor loves him? Now now Taylor, you are a little too young to have some kind of crush!

I received a birthday package in the mail and of course I loved the gifts my parents sent me (Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween decor...Love it Mom and Dad!). My gifts were wrapped in bubble wrap. Guess what Brooklyn loved...the bubble wrap! She was so excited to pop all the bubbles. She ran around the kitchen and would come running down, popping the bubbles! She sat and rolled on it too! Who knew bubble wraps could be so much fun?

Need I say more? LOL! This is going in Taylor's wedding video!

Playing in the dishwasher.... again....

Splash splash I love taking baths! Matt said this looked like an 80's picture, I agree.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Pictures!!

We finally got our famliy pictures that include our newest addition, Taylor.  Thanks Lisa for taking our pictures. We love them!


Sunday, November 14, 2010


Halloween and such. (This is my 5th blog post of the day so if you want to see more pictures scroll on down.... if you dare...).

Look at these cute children! All the chlidren's dads (5) are in the MBA program at University of Rochester.

The pink leopard and Strawberry Shortcake.

I think they have had enough pictures taken...

At the ward Halloween party.

Getting ready to take Brooklyn trick or treating to a few of the doors in our neighborhood on Sunday night. I am still in my dress from church so no I did not dress up nice to go trick or treating. We had four sets of missionaires over for a halloween dinner of chili, cornbread, artichoke dip and apple crisp for dessert. We love having the missionaries over and making them feel at home. It brings back wonderful memories of our mission. I always hope my brother Adam is being treated the same way in his mission.  

After all the costumes, candy, fun and parties Brooklyn decided to fall asleep... awww precious picture.

There are many fun farms to go to here in NY. We enjoyed this one espcially Brooklyn!

I had to show off my husband's cooking skills! A wonderful lady in our ward taught Matt had to make these breads and they were delicious!!! Can't wait to have more!

Having fun taking pictures in the little woods behind our home.

We miss you Adriana!! We hope you enjoy the mission and bring many closer to Christ!!!