Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turning 31

I wanted to take the time and thank my cute family for a FUN birthday! I didn't think turning 31 would be such a happy day but it was! It actually felt like all my other birthdays where I feel like I am not aging and feel pretty much the same.  I have been thinking about where I am at at age 31 and what I have accomplished thus far and still continue to do... To name a few... I still play basketball every Wednesday night in a competitive league, I weigh less now than I did in high school, I served an LDS mission in beautiful Portland, Oregon, I graduated from college and have a successful job, I have a great husband and such a cute sweet daughter, I have the Gospel in my life and honestly can't even fathom my life without it, and I could say more but I don't want to sound all snotty. I am just grateful for things I have been able to accomplish in my life thus far and hope to continue to achieve more!

For my birthday:
Matt surprised me with a huge "YUMMY" chocolate cake at the UVU alumni basketball game I played in the day before my birthday. I was able to see alot of my former teammates and see my coach as well!
On the morning of my birthday, sweet Brooklyn woke me up and handed me this basket of flowers along with the card. She said, "Mommy, today is your birthday day!"
Matt had made me a delicious breakfast before church and boy was it yummy! You haven't tasted scrambled eggs if you haven't tried Matt's. There is a certain method in cooking the eggs that I haven't quite figured out yet but they are oh sooo fabuloso! That night we went to my parents for a yummy stir fry dinner and apple crisp for my cake! I was stuffed and thankful for all my family who came! 
Just before the alumni game Matt whisked me into the mall and we tried on some pants, we found them quite quick as I was almost late to the game. If you're like me and can't find pants long enough... the BUCKLE is the place to go! Yes its pricey but its worth it if you don't want to look like you are wearing high water pants!
Last but not least, Matt took me to dinner two days after my birthday! I just loved how he tried to stretch celebrating my birthday as much as he could! We enjoyed a great dinner and got a movie to watch at home... It was a Great Birthday! Thank you honey and little sweet angel.

Another birthday gift from Brooklyn... she is potty trained! Way to go big girl! You made it to the Big Girl Toilet! Brooklyn is doing well though she has some accidents here and there and I am partly to blame.... I have a very small bladder... I think Brooklyn inherited too! So no drinks on long rides! (for mom and dad... Wink Wink)

I just had to post this grown up picture of Brooklyn. She is showing the latest fashion trend by being all matchy and cutesy! My my my.... she sure is growing up so fast! She looks so smart too and she really is! The other day she was playing with a magnet on the fridge and she said, "Look Daddy, its upside down!" Then she turned the magnet right side up and said, "Look Daddy, now its upside up!"  .....(speechless look on my face right now.....) Ok... how did she know how to say that? I was definitely not that smart when I was her age! I wonder what her IQ is?

Monday, November 3, 2008

At a loss for words....

Does anyone have any advice.....? Sometimes I feel like my little girl doesn't love me...  but I know she does. It's hard because I don't get to be a stay at home mom right now. At this time it just isn't meant for me to be home each day with my little girl as we need both Matt and I to work to make ends meet. Each time I go pick up my cute little girl she doesn't want to go home with me... It makes it hard for me. Is this normal for any kid who goes with a babysitter and wants to stay with them? I love my little girl so much and just don't know what to do....  I have cried so many times over this and just feel lost.....  Advice Anyone?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cute Little Devils!

Halloween was such a fun time for Brooklyn!
I think she is starting to realize what Halloween is all about.... CANDY and putting on her COSTUME!  Brooklyn loved her costume this year and all the candy she got! Halloween this year felt more festive to me than it has in the past few years. The reason being, we actually did things to make it really feel like it was HaLlOwEeN! First Matt and I took Brooklyn to a Halloween festival which you can read about a couple of blogs before this one, then we took Brooklyn and her friend Hailey who also dressed as a devil to get their pictures taken at Tilt Photography. It was cheap and fun! We also attended a Ward Halloween party which was a big hit with lots of chili, pumpkin desserts and root beer! The party ended by trunk or treating out in the parking lot and that was definitely Brooklyn's favorite thing to do! Matt unfortunately had to work both that night and Halloween night, we missed having him with us!

The cutest little devils! (My cute little angel actually is a devil sometimes!) Don't you love the little tail?

Best Friends Forever!

Oh but really, we are angels....

Trunk or Treating! Brooklyn had a blast gathering all the candy! She wanted to do another round! Oh boy I am going to have one hyper little gal for the next long while! Well... maybe not... I managed to hide all the candy in a big plastic bag and put it in the cupboard... She seems to have forgotten all about it!

Me, Brooklyn, Hailey, and Stacy (her mom). Stacy is such a sweet friend of mine and we both help each other out by watching each other's kid while we work. Thanks Stacy for being a great friend! I think she won best costume! Don't the ripe grapes look delicious to eat!