Monday, May 18, 2009

The Princess Wave and none other

The other night while I was out on a business trip, Matt and Brooklyn went to Grandma Bailey's home for pizza night. Grandma taught her how to the "princess wave". Its not the pageant wave either, its the "Princess wave". Brooklyn looks so darn tootin cute! Click here to watch the video (posted on my mother in laws blog).

Brooklyn is getting all banged up!

I had to post this picture of Brooklyn. A few weeks ago she went through a bad bout of falling, bumping her head and getting scratches all over her face. Poor thing... She has since now recovered and healed well. Although she has a new scratch on her eye lid and several bruises on her legs and a skin cut open on her hand (happened today). She is the most adventurous little gal I know and is an accident waiting to happen. My friend Nicole predicted (when Brooklyn started learning to walk) that she would always be bumping into things, falling, crashing and she sure was right! So how do we break the spell now Nicole? :)

Anatomy of my scratches, cuts and bruises: Below the bottom lip (I fell at Grandmas house in the bathroom doing who knows what), scratch on my left cheek (running and tripped on gravel), scratch above lip on the right (not sure how that happened), elbow scratches (falling, what else), other bruises and cuts on legs (not shown couldn't quite do an acrobatic pose and show all at the same time). 


Back in April Matt and I got to go to Supercross that was right here in town! We went with Matt's dad and his brother DJ. A cute friend of ours joined in as well, Swiss! He swam at the U of U with Matt and just finished this year. He's single! 

Now you have to understand a little bit about the Bailey boys. Especially Matt and his dad. They are MOTOCROSS FANATICS! They love to ride, watch and talk motocross/supercross! What I am saying now is just an understatement, its just well its just crazy! So the event doesn't start til 7 pm and we get there close to 1:00 pm... I know, I know soooo early! Well you see the riders all camp out in their huge RV's in the U of U parking lot and they have all these autographing, displaying, give aways and stuff. So they like to go for that and look at everything! It was actually fun for a while but it gets kinda boring... well Swiss and I and think, but nope Matt and Randy and stand and stare at a motobike and talk about every little thing forever! hahahaha. The day started out lightly overcasted and cool. Later on it started raining and to tell you the truth I was just not darn happy about it! I had straightened my hair and you know if it gets wet it goes curly! I have to admit that I was sulking and not too happy being there so early, I even thought about leaving them there and going to visit a friend that lived near close by. It started to get cold and we still had a few hours before the races began. Matt, being the kind the sweet husband he is tried to make me all happy and said, "I just want to be with you and if you leave then I am going to leave." So of course I felt bad and sulked a little more. Matt did mention also that he comes to all of my basketball games (though he likes to watch them anyways...). I decided then that I was being stinker and I could just be happy and let my husband enjoy this event that happens like once every few years here in Utah. So I ship-shaped up! And I found that I actually enjoyed it once I decided to be happy. It actually was close to 7 and we were all seated ready for the the events to happen. It turned out to be a fun filled night despite my feet freezing up and not being able to feel them as we left the stadium after it was all over. 

I just want to say I am glad I was able to go and enjoy some time with my husband, especially with something he really loves. Sometimes I get into the motocross part (minus any jumps, whether big or small) where I actually ride the bikes but it's not all very often. I guess I should liven up a bit heh? Well anyhow, below are pictures of the event! (In no particular order). 

The stadium! We actually liked where we sat even though we were a little high up. It gave us a perfect view of the whole course!

Matt rubbing my frozen feet (many times and I didn't even have to ask!). He was sooo sweet! 

Our SINGLE, CUTE friend Swiss! Any takers?!

At the beginning of the event there were big huge rings of fire lit off and this is what it looked like a few minutes into the air! Smoke rings!

(I dunno this guy and I cant get my hubby to text me back about this pic, he is some well known dude at Supercross who always sticks his tongue out with each fan that gets a pic with him)

Matt brought garbage bags to keep us dry! I was the only one who ended up wearing it! Some people called me the bag lady

At the race, early in the day! :)

Chad Reed, one of the top riders. He ended up taking 2nd that night behind James Stewart.... who keeps winning and winning and winning!