Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Joys of Easter

A few weeks ago the world celebrated Easter. I am so grateful for that special time of the year as we remember our loving Savior who died for us so that we can live again for eternity.... for eternity.... I can sing that phrase in my head so many times and each time it means so much... "for eternity".... 
As I thought about Easter and what it means for us. I looked at Brooklyn and saw a sweet girl who is so innocent, so full of love and so like a little child. 

We are taught to become like little children as they possess the characteristics that God has, love, kindness, thoughtfulness, happiness, caring and so many other traits. I am reminded of a scripture in the Book of Mormon in Nephi 9:22, it says,

"Therefore, whoso repenteth and cometh unto me as a little child, him will I receive, for of such is the kingdom of God. Behold, for such I have laid down my life, and have taken it up again, therefore repent, and come unto me ye ends of the earth, and be saved."

Christ gave his life for us so that we may live again. To live with Him again we must become as little children, pray with all the energy of our heart to receive the gift of charity. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who sent his son, Jesus Christ, my brother, to help us all if we do our part. I know I am not perfect and have lots to learn. I am grateful I have a sweet and sensitive daughter who keeps me on my toes and helps me to want to be a better person. I love you Brooklyn, oh sweet and happy one...

Happy Easter everyone. I decided against saying "belated" as Easter is something we can continuously celebrate in our hearts. 

Below are some pictures of Easter weekend in St. George! We went to the big easter egg hunt in  Ivins and all the kids got lots of eggs! We had fun despite all the rain!

Matt not so happy in the rain.... Neither one of us brought jackets since we didnt think we needed it for the trip... we thought wrong, no?

My sister Amie and her cute youngun Spencer!

My friend Kellyanne was in St. George with her family as well and brought her two cute nieces to the easter egg hunt. 

Daddy and Brooklyn gathering eggs! Go Brooklyn!

Basket full of eggs!

Matt and I decided to follow my sister's way of celebrating Easter. The bunny and egg stuff on the Saturday before Easter and then celebrate the true meaning of Easter on Easter Sunday. I felt this would help Brooklyn understand the true meaning of Easter. We sure love our sweet gal!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We just love our Sweet Angel....

Matt and I just feel so blessed to have such a wonderful sweet daughter... She is something special... She has such a sweet spirit about her and has very sensitive feelings (wonder where she got that from...). She does have a mischievous side to her, for example the other morning I had already left for work and Matt was still trying to get last minutes sleep in before starting the day. Brooklyn was already up and she managed to get into Matt's nightstand drawer and grab the KY Jelly. She went into the bathroom and shut the door without Matt knowing. Next thing you know she is crying and yelling Daddy! I am stuck! Matt got out of bed and opened the bathroom door and noticed she had KY jelly all over her hands and couldn't turn the knob because her hands were too slippery. Matt couldn't stop laughing and just thought it was the funniest thing. We sure love her stinkin guts that I just had to post some pictures of her we have taken lately.

She looks like she is posing for Vogue or something!

Sweet and innocent smile....

The other day Brooklyn was playing with my small picture kaleidoscope thing I got when I was about 7 or 8. It has a small picture in it of me with my deaf friends at Raging Waters. You have to look through one end to see the picture. Anyways years ago, our family dog chewed on the opposite end of where the picture was and I have just kept it since I could see the picture if I use a microscope! (hahahaha). Well Brooklyn lately has been telling me we need to fix things and that we can fix all things with a battery. She said we needed to fix my picture and put a battery in it... Lo and behold (look below) this is how it was to be fixed! Wouldn't life be grand if all things could be fixed with a simple battery?

She also said we could fix a blue crayon she broke by putting a blue battery in it... bless her heart...

Brooklyn loves loves loves to read books... She has to sleep with at least one in her bed... the other night I had just stacked all her books back on the shelf after a tornado blew right through it and put her to bed. Next thing I know, I go check on her around 12:30 am to see if she is breathing and still there (something I am paranoid about). Oh she was there and the tornado came back and blew all the books all over her bed! (darn it I didn't take a picture cause I just wasn't thinking). But she looked so cute! The book in the picture is one of her two favorite books, The World's Greatest Mom (me of course!) We always sit in our big family chair and read that or Five Little Monkeys before she goes to bed. Its been a fun routine for us.  

Just a cute picture of Brooklyn right after a quick bath. I wrapped a towel around her head and twisted it like some people in Africa do and her head just fell back since it was so heavy! I just laughed so hard and helped her get to her room to stand in front of the door and lay her head against it to take a picture.