Monday, December 6, 2010

On the road and through the streets to Hansen's house we go!

 We had Thanksgiving at our good friend's home this year, the Hansen's. They live in a really cool old home with wooden floors, a secret staircase that leads to a big room, neat fireplace, and oh I can go on... it was the perfect setting for a Thanksgiving dinner with great friends! Thanks Janette and Donovan for inviting us over!

Janette is the next Marth Stewart! Little squash pumpkins were used as our place cards with our family names attached. Families; Hansen's, Sorensen's, Elders and Bailey's.

The buffet style table. All the good looked so yummy and we still had more to add to the table. I enjoyed cooking and baking all different kinds of foods! Mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce (heaven!), my moms roll up rolls, chocolate pie with wafer crust and last but not least, a pumpkin cheesecake roll. I didn't think to take a picture of each item but I felt like I was on Iron Chef cooking all these wonderful foods!

Yummy rolls! (I did forget to add salt... no one seemed to noticed though) That right there got me knocked out of the race for Iron Chef!

Janette saw this cute idea for place mats for the kids. Since kids don't really care about how cute things look and about food, place mats were drawn on the paper. Darling isn't it?  The children were off in toyland in the secret room and of course we let them play so the adults could enjoy the dinner! Don't worry they eventually came down and filled up their bellies.

This picture does not do its justice, but oh... the food was so DELICIOUS! I can honestly say this was the best Thanksgiving dinner I had ever had. Stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, pototaoes and gravy, candied yams with pecans (I am not a fan of this but this was yummy!), green bean casserole, pickles and last but not least, my new favorite not so healthy, pineapple bread pudding... the thought of it just makes my mouth watery... I will have to post the recipe for this pineapple dish a soon as I get it. Thanks Hansen's for introducing this to us!

The awesome Hansen's!  Donovan is doing his residency as an oral surgeon and boy did he have some crazy stories to tell?  Janette and Donovan have two little cute gals, Avery and Belle with a boy on the way! We are so excited for them!

Rachelle and Mark Sorenson  and their cute little gal, Lana. They have two other darling kids, Caleb and Reese. Mark is also in residency as an oral suregon and instead of telling us crazy surgery stories, we got to see some crazy reconstructing images... shuttering....

Elder Halbert hails from Arizona and Elder Peck hails from Utah. We love our elders, especially Brooklyn!

A Happy Thanksgiving... Taylor surprisingly slept most of the time we were there... so no pictures of her. She was busy sleeping.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


When I woke up a Saturday morning to see all this blue I was excited! I had woken up before Matt did and took pictures before he could destroy it. We, (well I should say, Matt...) got BYU'd!!! Matt is a strong Utah fan and for him to wake up to all this blue and blue on his car was... well... in his own words... "I am not gonna have this!" He marched right outside in his pajamas on the phone with who he thought had done it and said, "I won't have this!" We will keep who did it a secret.... You can say Matt cleaned it up right away and didn't want to have this kind of embarrassment. Me on the other hand, I was loving it!!! I grew up a BYU fan and love Utah for their swim team since Matt swam there.

Ballons were tied to plastic spoons and stuck in the ground. I thought that was such a smart idea! Matt was able to get everything cleaned up except for the streamers in the tree. There is still blue in the trees!

Matt is a huge Max Hall fan!! (no really he is)

Elder Halbert and Peck over to watch the big game!! Don't worry, they got permission from their mission president to watch the game and so we invited them over for pizza and football! Elder Peck played one year on the BYU football team and will go back after his mission! We can't wait to see him rip it all up!

Taylor was fasincated with the Christmas lights!

She is exactly what she looks like... an angel....

The other day I brought Brooklyn's bike up from the basement for her to play outside on and Taylor had fun exploring this big thing with two round wheels!

Can you teach me how to ride the bike?

I had to post yet another one of Brooklyn's pucker lips.