Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amazing Nie Nie

I don't know if you have heard about a special family, especially their mother, Nie Nie, as they call her. You'll noticed I have a button on my blog that says, "Nie Recovery", click on in and you'll see why this family is so special. I happened to run over this article and was not prepared to read such a sweet but sorrowful story. I just bawled as I read this story and am in awe of the love this family has received from many and for the love the immediate family has shown.  I pray for Nie Nie and her husband Christian... Nie Nie your blogs inspire me to be a better person... the way you show your love for your children and make everything in their life seem like a big deal when it should be, the way you love your husband and keep it romantic, the way you bask in life, the way you love life.... 

Nie Nie has a long road to recovery and it's so comforting to know she has a wonderful family both in laws and her own to help her every step of the way.  God bless you Nie Nie and Christian.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Pictures!

We finally got our yearly family photos taken! Brooklyn is growing so fast I can't believe it! As you can tell, she has much more hair than last year. My hair is brown and not so BLEACH blonde! Matt's hair is pretty much the same, aaahhsss.... I love his hair just the way it is! 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Festival

The other day I found out about a Halloween Festival and I thought it would be fun for Matt and I to take Brooklyn. It was put on by the Young Living Farm in Mona which is about 45 minutes south of Saratoga Springs. The drive down was just beautiful and Matt was drooling over all the open land. Matt is a cowboy at heart and he would love to own some land so that his house is the only one around. Maybe his dreams will come true one day? (wink wink)

Going to the festival turned out to be a HIT, especially for Brooklyn. The cost was FREE for adults and children 2 and under. They had all sorts of fun things for kids to enjoy and again it was all free. The only thing we paid for was $3.00 for  3 bags of smores we were able to cook over a huge pit of fire with a band playing in the background. The smores were heaven with thick pieces of chocolate!  Below are some pictures of the fun filled night. Matt and I have decided we want to make this yearly tradition since we enjoy traveling together.  Come join us next year!

Brooklyn fishing for a prize! She won a sucker, her favorite kind of candy!

Hanging with the scarecrow, she sure doesn't look scared!

Brooklyn's favorite thing to do is JUMP, JUMP, JUMP! She spend a good 15 minutes inside the blow-up trampoline. The second she got inside she was like the engergizer bunny jumping and jumping and jumping. She kept trying to catch her breath as she interacted gleefully with us through the net... I, (gasp), am (gasp), having (gasp), FUN! 

Getting her face painted! This is a first for Brooklyn and she threw a fit when we washed it off before she went to bed. We were able to calm her down by telling her we would do it again sometime soon... We better keep our word or will she forget? She chose a bluish color for a spider web and sat so still as a tight drum! 

Now what does Mr. "Sheriff" Bailey think he is doing? You're supposed to clean up this town, not make a mess of it by drinking ROOTBEER!

Sheriff Bailey's sweet wife standing inside her store, trying to keep a bird's eye watch on her ROOTBEER drunk husband!

Brooklyn's first pony ride and she absolutely enjoyed it (though the picture doesn't seem to show much enthusiasm)! The pony's name is Sobe and he was quite the stubborn one. He had to be dragged and pulled by one of the volunteers. 

We had a grand ole time together and stopped off a Chinese place for some yummy food! Brooklyn love the miso and egg drop soup that she took the small bowl and cupped it in her sweet small hands and drank it! She's becoming a true Bailey like her parents, eating all sorts of foreign foods.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I wanted to share with you my first experience with canning! Well... My the first time canning as a Mom! I can vaguely remember my mom canning some applesauce when I was younger. I think that was the last time I was near any canning other than the Church Cannery.  I was able to can peaches, freeze peaches, can salsa and pears as well! They all taste so yummy! I wasn't so sure about the salsa but boy it was delicious! Add some cottage cheese and scoop some chips in it and there ya go! My brother Cody and Matt ate a whole jar themselves! 

I was happy to increase our food storage as I have been feeling guilty not having a "good supply" of food storage. I just get so overwhelmed so I never know where to start and then I just give up.... I do however have lots of cake mix and store bought peaches which make great homemade dutch oven peach cobbler! A friend of mine pointed out to me that those were great food storage items and I just didn't think of it that way but now I see that it can be! I just figure that I will be the peach cobbler lady if ever we all have to live on storage food. I am happy to share so in times of stress and you don't have food, come on over and I will make us some yummy peach cobbler! And now that I have my own canned peaches they will taste even better. I so look forward to next year for more canning! I can't wait!

I am honored that I am Esme! She is beautiful!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Will our next baby look like her/him?

So if we were to have another baby girl or boy, Routan Baby Maker says chances are he/she would like this. Cute baby isn't it?  I am not sure where I see the resemblance.... Do you?

If she were a girl, her name would be Taylor (something) Bailey. If he were a boy, he would be named, Mason (something) Bailey.  And to answer your question, no I am not pregnant... :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary!

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary was on Oct. 1st. Matt and I can't believe how fast our four years together has gone by. It makes us appreciate more the time we have together as a married couple because it's true when they say life flies by quickly as you get older.  Matt and I always talk about how we ARE going to grow old together and die together. Matt teases me that when we are really old and he has lost his hearing too, we will sit and repeat things to each other, "Honey, honey, what honey! I can't hear you! Can you speak a little louder? Honey....." 
Ha ha ha
I am excited to grow old and grey with you Matt! We have many fun years to look forward too!

For our anniversary, my parents gave us a gift card to the La Caille restaurant. They had gotten the gift card from someone but never got around to using it. We really appreciate them for giving it to us as we had such an enjoyable night. Neither one of us had been to the La Caille but had always wanted to try it. It's nothing that I had ever imagined it would be. Sooooo beautiful and enchanting! If you know me well enough I always talk about how I would love to live in Thomas Kincade's paintings. His paintings portray such comfort, security, peace and so enchanting. I always dream of living in a place he has created. Never did I think there was a place in Utah that could look so close to the painting! Matt and I were in awe as we drove up the long driveway with ponds on either side, lamp lights, flowers, birds and trees. We drove in a hummer that we have been "babysitting" for the past two months for a friend of ours and that made it more fun. We took some pictures for those who have not been there and encourage you to at least visit the place. 

The La Caille Restaurant in its beauty. We enjoyed a delicious meal and dream of going back for more! It just so happened that night they had some kind of charity and there was a firework show. It was so beautiful watching the fireworks among the trees and in the warm night. We saw goats walking around and even saw Frank Layden! Matt saw a table full of huge shrimp (for the charity people) and he wanted so badly to eat some so we ordered some for him as an appetizer. 

The pictures look beautiful but to see it with the naked eye is even better! Look at all the lights and the flowers. I love the cottage for the restaurant. It has such a castle feel to it without it being huge. 

Beautiful big white swans roamed the pond.

This hot guy just sat across from me at the table the whole night and I was thinking to myself, Man, what a hot guy! I am so lucky to have him! Look at him, he is such a sweet thang!
One of the few bridges at La Caille... We wanted to take a picture together but didn't find anyone close to ask so thats why we are in two separate pictures. 
He sure is one handsome husband!
Me on the bridge!

After a wonderful dinner, we headed over to Thanksgiving point and stayed at the nice hotel near there. We stopped at JCW's first and shared a yummy oreo shake! We had such a great time together and still even talk about what a fun date it was for the both of us. We are excited to celebrate many more anniversaries together! I love you Matt!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deaf and in bed

So the last two nights I have accidentally locked my husband outside at midnight both times (since he works late).... Yes I know sad and mean heh? Well.... that's what you get for marrying deaf person honey! :)

Let me back up and tell you why he was locked out or why I accidentally locked him out. Over the past weekend Matt, Brooklyn and I went down to St. George to visit family and witness the baby blessing of my nephew, Kade Douglas Kelsch, Cameron's son. We had such a good time with all the family there and by Sunday night we get ready to go home around 6:30 pm. We brought with us both sets of keys to the car, Matt's and mine. There was one problem, Matt couldn't find his keys and we searched all over my sister's house a number of times to find those darn keys. We had to have them because there was only one key for the car Matt drives to work everyday and they were on his key set. So for 3 hours we are searching every room (especially the kids rooms since we had about 10 kids there at one point so we thought one of the kids might have taken them). Matt and Amie looked through 3 garbage bags, we searched outside with a flashlight, and many other places but to no avail. We decided at 11:30 pm it was time to head home since we both had to be at work the next morning and we would figure our car rides on the way home. The next morning while I am driving Matt to work, we get a call from Amie who was out running with Cameron. She said, that Cam new where the keys were.... he had hidden them from Matt! Hahahhaha I know what you're thinking, that you can't believe Cam would just let us search and even go home without the keys. Well, he actually didn't even know we were searching for them so he is pretty lucky! hahahahaha... So to get to the point of why Matt was locked out twice in a row in the cold night... I forgot that because he didn't have his key set back yet, he didn't have his house key to get in! How was I supposed to remember that he didn't have a key! :) I am so used to making sure the doors are locked before I go to bed. Both times Matt had to run to one of the townhomes being built and borrow the ladder and climb through the window... luckily the window was not locked! Or else he would have slept in the car! The 2nd time this happened Matt said he almost put the screen on top of me while alseep... I felt sooo bad..... but at the same time its pretty funny.... I blame Cam partially for Matt getting locked the first night (wink wink) but its totally my fault on the 2nd night. Dear Matt... this is what you get when you marry a deaf girl.... you get locked out because she can't hear the doorbell or knocks.

We have had some deaf moments and I am sure we will have more! :) I love you honey! Thanks for being such a sweetheart and loving me despite the times where you are locked out!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cute Brooklyn!

Brooklyn has been so cute lately... well she always is cute but she is really developing more of her personality. She is such a talker like her Dad and says the cutest things! She also has a mind of her own and I just can't believe how grown up she talks sometimes. It's like she memorizes everything Matt and I say. I have posted some fun pictures of her to reveal some of her funny personality.

The other day I found Brooklyn out on the deck reading books. She loves to actually say stuff as she is reading the books. I was reading her I do not like green eggs and ham, and she kept saying I do not like it Sam I am, I do not like it. Then she would turn the page and repeat it and add some other words. So cute... She has a good memory!
Every morning Brooklyn loves to have a bottle of milk and go lay with Daddy in "Daddy's" bed. They always cuddle and sleep for a little while together. If they had their way, then Brooklyn would be sleeping in our bed every night. I can't sleep if she is in bed with us because I am always afraid she is not breathing or we have rolled over her and she also owns the bed and moves all over the place pushing me off the bed practically! :)
Brooklyn and cousin Chloe with Grandpa! Aren't they cute gals? These two play together every Thursday and have a blast! Sarah watches Brooklyn each Thursday and I really appreciate all of her help! Thanks Matt and Sarah! Brooklyn loves Grandpa Kelsch! Often times Grandma Kelsch (she watches Brooklyn on Fridays) will take her to visit Grandpa at work or Grandpa will come home during lunch and they play, play, play. Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your help too!
The other day I visited my friend, Taryn, from high school and she and her daughter were playing dress up. She looks so cute and it really matches her spunky personality! 

Up close glamour shot!

Riding Grandma Bailey's lawn mower. Brooklyn loves to take rides on this. Grandma Bailey always takes her on a ride throughout the neighborhood. Sometimes she rides in the trailer part of the mower and seems to love it because she fell asleep last week while the lawn was being mowed....
Here she is sleeping! Isn't she just an angel and might I say... long? She really is growing!

My mother and I were able to attend Women's conference at the Conference Center in SLC. We had an enjoyable time listening to the speakers. Elder Uchtdorf reminded me what a special role we as women have here on earth with our families. Sometimes we forget that we are a vital part in our Father in Heaven's plan. It's nice to hear it from the leaders who reassure us. I do know that I am here for a reason and I have a wonderful family to raise. I am grateful for my (enter any positive trait here and that is what he is... there are so many words to describe him) husband for helping me and always being at my side. I love you honey. On our way back to the car I took a picture of the SLC temple and thought it was pretty darn good... or you might say, my camera was behaving for once! 
Can you recognize this building? I love this style! My mother and I would love to live her and be in the heart of SLC! I dream about what it would have been like to live back when Brigham Young was alive and live in all these cool houses! I am sure the community so close knit and just fun! Of course it was trying times, but don't each generation have their own?
The light post in front of the home. I showed these pictures to my brother Adam and come to find out he would have loved to live back then as well! He loves the architecture and style. He and I are alike in many ways... I love you Adam!

Adam and cousin Colin! Aren't they cute!

I wanted to add that we have been really busy and so I am behind in my blogging... Matt, Brooklyn and I did take a fun trip to SF back in August and my sister in law did a post on it if you want to see some pictures of us in SF, go to and go to the Busy Busy blog entry. We love you guys and miss you!  Next week we get to go to St. George for my nephew Kade's blessing. All the family will be there and it will be so wonderful to see my sister Amie and her family as well! Here we come!