Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random pictures and then some....

I ran out of time to post pictures from two weeks ago so here they are along with some randoms! 

Brooklyn and I have been enjoying a lot of time at the pool, pretty much everyday when the sun is out. We bought some small water balls and play basketball in the water... I am training her well (wink wink).

Taylor taking a pleasant nap. Notice she has her face covered... she always sleeps with her face concealed!

Loving this!

Dad was able to come swim with us one of the days last week.  Brooklyn had so much fun learning how to swim!

I love her eyes!

I took Brooklyn to Jump on it with some friends and she had so much fun! Taylor is always having a blast when she gets to sit in this carrier. 

Preparing to dive! 

Bouncing Taylor on the blow ups! 

Some friends of ours, the Schaefers, invited Brooklyn, Taylor and I to Nunday (about an hour from Rochester) to a carnival! Matt was studying for finals. So I packed the girls up and we spent the night at the Schaefers home. Nunday is a cute small town way out there! The drive was just beautiful with green green green trees everywhere! Brooklyn checking out the balls on water!

The view from one of the swing rides

Can you see Brooklyn and her two friends?

I just loved the way this booth looked that I had to get a picture of Brooklyn in it.  It reminds me of something that looks magical in movies!

Ashlyn, Caylee and Brooklyn

They rode on this ride for about 5 mins!  I asked the worker if they could ride for a long time since there was no one waiting in line and he said sure! :)

Justin Schaefer, Adrianna, Me! We were on this laaaame ride that was supposed to spin around fast and it didn't... oh well we had fun anyways!

My first time making sushi! We make some almost every week! I am holding up some ginger and I can just eat a whole jar full of them! MMMM!

A while back we had girls night! It was so much fun! All of our husbands are in the business program and all moved here at the same time! L to R: Kira, Dani, Jenelle, Rachel, Me.  Jenelle and Rachel and I all live in the same complex area and didn't know each other then. I just love these gals so much! We all moved in with one child each which were all girls.  Now two of us have a second child, Kira, broke the streak by having a boy and he is darling!

For girls night we went out to eat and then headed back to Rachel's home and made some purses! They turned out so cute! We hung out until midnight and snacked on Pavlova with strawberries and drizzled raspberry vinaigrette! It was sooo yummy! 

I have been taking Brooklyn to Barnes and Noble in Pittsford on Wednesday mornings. They do story time and then always have a craft item to make that goes along with the stories that were read. Brooklyn just loves making the crafts. When we are done we play with a train set they have there and then take a couple rides up and down the escalator. Brooklyn is here with her friend Madi, Jenelle's spunky daughter! They made elephant masks! 


Duck... duck... duck... GOOSE!!


A trip to Niagra Falls! Either Brooklyn and Matt are GIANTS or Niagara Falls shrunk!

One night I went upstairs to check on Brooklyn after she had gone to bed and found her sitting up in her bed like this! She seriously was like that for about 5 minutes before I laid her down. Who knows how long she had been sleep-sitting before I came up! HILARIOUS! Matt came up and we had a good laugh!

"Brooklyn why is your Daddy so good looking?"

Brooklyn at Madi's house chilling! They were being silly, YO! Whats up!!?? (not sure what they were doing here... I made that up.)

Madi and her family moved to Hartford, CT for the summer for an internship and so they dropped off an early birthday gift for Brooklyn. We can't wait to have them back in August!

Dancing on Soul Train!  Just kidding... She loves to climb on things and do some funky dancing!

Another funny and cute way she has been sleeping!