Friday, October 30, 2009

Day four of pictures...

(Pardon the poor quality of the pictures.... we need a new camera.... bad...)
Swimming in Canandaigua Lake! Canandaigua is one of the five finger lakes here in NY. Its soooo beautiful! We would love to have a second home here and the houses here are oh so so... I can't even explain... they are just so unique and old and I would love to live in them! We had some friends that were visiting in Rochester that were in our ward in SLC and they invited us out on the boat to play! Of course I didn't swim with my pregnant belly... I know a party pooper but I don't care! Brooklyn and daddy had fun in the warm water while my parents and I watched and ate food! Thanks so much Monica and Spencer for inviting us and helping us get settled in nicely with a night on the lake!

I love my family! We miss Grandma and Grandpa Kelsch! My parents traveled across the country with us to help with the move and it was soooo great to have them with us for a few days after we got here. It helped make the transition easier but I still miss them so dearly!
Monica and her cute babe! Thanks for such a fun time! Monica used to live in Rochester and was here for a wedding the week we moved here. Her parents are actually now in the Provo Utah Mission as the mission president. I think its the Provo Utah one....
Spencer about to crash! Spencer thought he could beat Matt in a freestyle swim... haha he thought wrong but it was so fun to watch them race!

Daddy and Brooklyn taking a swim in the lake! It was getting dark and Brooklyn wanted out. haha

Not such a good picture but I love these two people!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day three of pictures...

These pictures are of us traveling on the road to NY! Brooklyn loved sitting in the cab of the moving van because she could see EVERYTHING as opposed to being in the back seat of the car. One rule of advice when you buy your toddler a carseat make sure its high enough so he/she can actually see out the window and not always see the SKY!

Look at those smiles!

Brooklyn insisted I be in the picture too!

My mom and Brooklyn helping unload the moving the van. It was a lot of hard and hot work! We sweated buckets of water!

Our new home! Its a three story home, still smaller than our old home. We have boxes in the basment that pretty much fill it all up! I need to organize it more but when?.....

Brooklyn hard at work! She wanted to help, help and help! She is a great worker!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day two of pictures....

Here is day two.... Well almost day two! Haha its 11:51 pm as I do this but I said I would try to get some pictures up each day even if I don't type alot of words!
These next set of pictures are of Nauvoo which we were able to spend of a couple of hours at (not long enough but at least we got to go there). I also have pictures of Brooklyn and her part of the moving before we came out to NY.

One of my ancestors! Israel Barlow is my great-great-great-great grandfather on my dad's mom's side.... whew! Did I get that right? There was a great article on him in the Church News a few weeks ago. Click here to read it. He was a great man and a few years ago this statue was dedicated to him in Nauvoo.

Beautiful City Beautiful City of Nauvoo!

My mom was taking pictures and noticed that the temple reflected from the water where a statue of Hyrum and Joseph is in front of the temple... Pretty neat view!

We arrived when it was pretty close to sunset in Nauvoo and it was just beautiful!

The bridge leading to Nauvoo, going over the Mississippi River.

Posing during the trip to NY! Isn't she darling?
Brooklyn was great help packing the moving the van! As you can see it looks dark and we were packing well into the night!

One of Brooklyn's stuff she loaded on the moving truck, mommy's old pink blackberry cover.
Random items Brooklyn threw in a box to pack up and put in the moving truck. She saw how we were packing stuff in boxes and went around the house and compiled her own box. Notice she has my contact lens case in there! haha! As well as the garage door opener that had to stay for the renters, the camera charger and other things. I was glad I caught this box before someone packed it up in the van! Brooklyn was such great help and wanted to help in every little thing. She is a hard worker!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What we have been up to!

I decided since I have so many pictures to post I would try and post several pictures a day.... We will see! This will all be about what we have done in the past two months or so.
We did family pictures just before Matt and I moved to NY with my family in St. George and we had a great time with family. We sure miss them all! I don't have Matt's side of the family pictures we did as I don't have copies but we did have pictures with them as well!

My cute brother Adam and neice Brielle. Adam plays baseball for SLCC! He loves it!

We all went to IHOP for breakfast after family pictures! Yum Yum Yummy!

My sweetest and favorite sister in the whole wide world! I sure miss you Amie!

Waiting around to get our family pictures done!

The girls!
Brooklyn and Brielle! Aren't they cute cousins!

Brooklyn with Grandma and Grandpa Kelsch! I love this picture! Its hanging up in Brooklyn's room on her magnet board.

Our family picture... I was almost five months pregnant at the time, can ya tell! haha

The Kelsch, Bailey, Kelsch, Kelsch, Jackson and Kelsch family! We are growing and growing!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Lord answers prayers...

Today I had a neat experience with prayer... Recently I purchased some items over a few hundred dollars (work related) and had to save to the receipts to be reimbursed. This morning I had a bazillion errands to run and left the recipts on the seat of the car so I wouldn't lose them or forget to fax them to the office. The last errand before I was supposed to fax the receipts was a doctor's appt. Brooklyn and I went in, had the apt, then came back out and drove to Matt's work to fax the receipts. I arrive there and find a parking space and look over in the passenger seat and could not find the receipts anywhere! I looked over and under, on the sides, in my pockets, in my purse, in the back seat, in Brooklyn's car seat and I mean I looked EVERYWHERE!!! I was thinking where in the heck did they go?! I had seen them on the seat all morning while runnig errands and by the time I need to fax them they are totally gone and I mean gone gone! I was frustrated because we needed to be reimbursed to get our money back for some bills that were due soon. I got out of the car and looked in the trunk, no luck. I was really boggled as to where they had gone... So I sat back in the car and said a silent prayer... Brooklyn was watching and it was so cute... she had this sincere look on her face.... After I said a pleadful prayer I decided I needed to go back to the doctor's office and look in the parking lot there. It had been a somewhat breezy morning and if the receipts did fall out there how would I ever find them since the wind probaby blew them away. I didn't even know if thats where they would be. I arrived to doctor's office and stepped out the car where I had parked. I looked around the parking lot near my car and then straight ahead against the curb on the other side of the parking lot was this white piece of paper and ran to it, it was one of the two receipts! I couldn't believe it! The wind was holding it against the curb so it couldnt fly further away... I was flabbergasted.... I couldnt believe I had found one of them. So I kept looking for the second one and looked everywhere and could not find it. One of the doctor's nurses, whom I had met with about 30 mins prior for my doctor appt. came out and asked what was wrong. I explained and she went right on looking all over with me. Another older man helped as well. We were searching all over and the sweet nurse found the second receipt in an area I didnt think the receipt would have blown too! It was around the corner and little ways down the street and she found it! I was so happy and gave her a big hug and she was so sweet about it. I shook the man's hand and thanked him so much as well. I felt so happy! I felt so happy and so blessed.... For something that seemed so small and yet so big to me the Lord knew this was importand to me and I am so grateful to my parents for instilling me the power of prayer... The first prayer I can remember was when I was about 5 or 6 and I had lost my hearing aid. My mother and I knelt down near my bed and we said a prayer that we would find it. My mother showed great faith and we found them in the neighbor's rock garden across the street. From that experiene I have been able to experience several powerful moments of prayer. Before leaving to go fax the receipts... I sat in my car and cried and prayed to my Heavenly Father and thanked him for His help. I prayed that both the man and the nurse that helped me would get their prayers answered as well in times of need.

I am so grateful for these last days.... the heavens are still open and God speaks to us still...through the power prayer...

Monday, October 5, 2009

This one is for you Kristin!

Hey Kristin you wanted a picture of how I look now at 25 weeks! This is it! No sucking in at all either! Although I think the black probably makes me look smaller and I love it! hahaha
Love ya Kristin!

Macie! Welcome to the World!

My brother Cameron and his wife had their sweet baby girl, Macie! She weighed 7 lb 10 oz so small isnt she? Isnt she so darling? I just love her cute hot pink outfit and striped leg warmers not to mention the hot bow too! Cam and Michelle now have five beautiful kids and I hear they want more! More power to you guys what better family than you guys to have more kids! We can't wait to meet the new little one as well as the rest of the family! I have posted some pictures below of the special day!

Cameron is so creative and set this up in their yard announcing the birth of the new arrival!
Such a cute idea!

The awesome Kelsch Family! Mom and Dad (L to R), Trey, Brielle (holding Macie), Kade and Bryson

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our Wedding day 5 years ago....WOW!!!

Matt... thank you for five wonderful years and I look forward to 100 more years together! I know this post is a couple days late and we were married on OCT. 1ST and not Oct. 4th... (Yep I remembered the exact date this time haha). I am so grateful to have the man of my dreams. Heavenly Father knew what I was looking for in a husband and he PLOPPED the whole package right in front of my lap... and I mean the WHOLE PACKAGE! I got everything I ever dreamed of and MORE. I wanted to post some pics from the temple but as you know I can't find them so I hope we can find that DVD somewhere! But you know what I will always have the memories and those can never be erased. Thank you sweetheart for making me the happiest wife and mother in the whole world. I love you!

I posted this picture because I know its your favorite!

Love you babe!