Saturday, February 20, 2010

We love Brooklyn!

I have such a sweet and caring daughter! Brooklyn continues to surprise me with all of her love and desire to be a good person and sister.  I have so much to improve on because of her sweet example. 

The other day Matt was telling me about a situation where a group of people were having a hard time with someone and no one really wanted to be around this person.  Brooklyn was playing near us and I didn't know she was even listening but she turned to Matt and said, "Daddy, if no one wants to be her friend, then I will be her friend"... Matt and I were so tickled she said that and it made our week knowing our daughter has this sweet spirit inside of her. It makes us, as parents, feel like we are teaching her something good and want to take all the credit but we can't take the credit (we'll take a little bit of it...) its something she was born with and we truly love it! 

Just today Brooklyn did something that made my heart melt...  We were in the car and I looked back in the rear view mirror to see Brooklyn waving her arm at me. She had pulled her beanie over her face and was trying to get my attention. She then signed, "I love you more!" How sweet is that? She knows I can't understand her unless I can read her lips and since her mouth was covered she signed it for me. I am still oohing and aahing over it... 

Brooklyn has been so amazing ever since her little sister arrived. I have been amazed at her love for Taylor and always willing to help and ALWAYS wanting to hold her and oh holding her by herself... I can't have any part of my hand on Taylor to help! haha She does have her moments at times but for the most part she is just adorable.  She has become the feeding monitor and tells me when Taylor is hungry, "Mommy you need to come and feed her because she is crying... she wants some milk".  She helps me by throwing away all the dirty diapers, bringing me things I may need while I am nursing, giving Taylor and I kisses while I am nursing and rocking Taylor in her car seat when she is crying. Brooklyn is going to be a wonderful mother (50 years down the road... don't want to think about that because time is going by too fast!)

Enjoy the pictures!

I just love this picture! It has some character!

Brooklyn loves to dress up! She looks like a real princess!

Dressed up again and in Grandma's shoes!

This is a plus! I found her cleaning the bathroom the other day! She loves to help clean and I guess I am a great model for her as I always clean the bathroom when she takes a bath. I can get two things done at once and Brooklyn can play in the tub while I scrub!

Hard at work!

Brooklyn made her own Valentines and wrote her name in each card all by herself! She is becoming crafty like me!

I love her "k's" right now haha they look an upside down F. 

Copying what Daddy does often! Look at those muscles!

Helping me put up the Valentine Decorations.

Ready for her date with Daddy... Ice skating!

Waiting to get their skates sitting by the warm fire.... 

All decked out and ready to go!

The future Couples Figure Skaters!

I had to post this... what a cute outfit! She comes up with all funky styles!

I love this!

The best Big sister!

Handling Taylor like a pro!

Taylor's first bottle... and possibly last bottle... haha She is a sucker for nursing!

I love this outfit and had to take a picture! Narrtjie is such a darling store!

Post baby picture! Hiding my belly!