Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Relaxing Weekend

This last weekend was a pretty relaxing weekend for Matt, Brooklyn and I. It's not often that it's a quiet weekend since we are always out do-do-do! (Lesson: do-do-do is the sign language expression of doing a lot but it can also mean what are you doing? It just depends on the context of the sentence). I have posted a few pictures of things we did over the weekend.

On Saturday while Matt was out riding motobikes with his Dad, I took Brooklyn to my parents where some of my family were helping out with the yard work. Brooklyn has lots of fun riding the red horse. This toy has been in my mom's family for a long time. I guess Grandma and Grandpa Groen decided my mom could have it and all the grandchildren love it! Brooklyn can climb up and down all by herself and oh you don't help her cause she says, I want to do it! Meaning, I can do it by myself. She wants to do everything by herself and it's so cute!

We went and visited Grandma and Grandpa Bailey on Sunday and had a yummy dinner of grilled veggies and shrimp, chicken and fresh fruit! MMMM such a tasty and healthy dinner. Thanks Dena and Randy! Matt's cousin Fred and his wife Celeste were in town from Arizona and they ate with us. I didn't get a picture, darn it I should have though. Brooklyn is enjoying the banana she loves to eat! Again, she likes to peel the banana.... I want to do it! Isn't she such a cutie! 

Draper Temple... in progress

Our Dream Home so far.... House is right across from the temple

Back view of the house, see the temple?

While still visiting the G and G Bailey, Matt, Brooklyn and I visited the Draper Temple and it's getting closer to being finished. It's so beautiful among the mountain and lucky those who live right across from the Temple. It's the first thing they see when they walk out the door everytime. How neat would that be to have that inspiration right in your face... Gleaming! There is a house across the street from the temple that Matt and I just love. We love the style and think it's the best house we have seen so far. There are many great houses, but we just love this look! It's okay to dream isn't it? 

Brooklyn and mommy jumping on the trampoline! This is Brooklyn's favorite thing to do. She loves to have me jump with her so she can jump higher. I think I am getting too old for this cause it gives me a slight headache! I do remember how much I loved jumping and doing all sorts of tricks... but don't walk around the brim of the trampoline on the metal frame... I remember doing that and slipped, the frame went right between my legs... yeah... oh yeah... it hurt and I think I even cracked a bone down there but how can you get a cast for that?

Matt borrowed a golf club and hit some golf balls in the backyard while Brooklyn and I jumped. He looks like a Pro doesn't he?  Actually he hit one really hard that it went over the fence and hit someone's garage, he went and checked it out but no damage done... phew! I should get him his own set of golf clubs... Man my husband is expensive! hahahahaha I love you hun! Just you wait and one day you will see a brand new set... well someday.... :)


Robbie said...

What a wonderful family! You guys are great. I wish I had a son Brooklyn's age...so we could start talking about an arranged marriage:) It was fun to see you last week.


Loni said...

Everyone looks great! It looks warm there too, unlike the 55 degree weather here. ARGH!

Matthew and Melissa Earl said...

I didn't even know you had this!!! I forget to check my comments sometimes! you look so happy. if I ever manage to get up to Utah we will have to get together so the kids can play.

Joel and Kristie said...

You are tooo cute, I just love your posts!! I'm with you on the dream house, it is AMAZIIINNGGG!!! And YES Husbands ARE Expensive, I don't know why wives get the bad rap!HEHE!!!

Unga Family said...


Hey, its me Natalie Overson now Unga. I found your blog through Marenna and have loved to see your beautiful family. I live in California now, but visit Utah often. I hope you don't care if I hop on your blog now and then to catch up.


MC said...

You guys are so beautiful!
and you are such a good blogger :)Thanks for letting us drop in from time to time.