Monday, November 3, 2008

At a loss for words....

Does anyone have any advice.....? Sometimes I feel like my little girl doesn't love me...  but I know she does. It's hard because I don't get to be a stay at home mom right now. At this time it just isn't meant for me to be home each day with my little girl as we need both Matt and I to work to make ends meet. Each time I go pick up my cute little girl she doesn't want to go home with me... It makes it hard for me. Is this normal for any kid who goes with a babysitter and wants to stay with them? I love my little girl so much and just don't know what to do....  I have cried so many times over this and just feel lost.....  Advice Anyone?


Tamara said...

I assure you that she loves you. In fact, one could say that her behavior is just showing you how secure she is in that love. You are like her "raft" in the middle of a huge lake. She feels comfortable "swimming away" from the raft because she knows the raft (you) are still going to be there when she comes back. Hope that helps! I hope she is soooooo ready to come home when you get her tomorrow! You're a great mom, don't worry too much!

Joel and Kristie said...

I go through the samething! What I started doing is taking my kids on dates, one at a time so they know that they have my undivided attention. They are starting to understand that I do love them and only work for them. I hope this helps, HUGS I understand how hard this is, but I just tell myself, it's not forever, someday I will be the stay at home Mom I want to be, and so will you!!!

Aimless said...

oh Shari! It breaks my heart that you would ever think that! OF COURSE she loves you! How could anybody not? Every kid is different but I can tell you that at least mine do the same thing at babysitters. Its a good thing I think. I mean, how sad would you feel about taking your little angel to a babysitter if every time you came to get her, she was bawling waiting to be picked up? You might feel nice that she missed you, but I think it would make you feel guilty for having to leave her even tho it's necessary right now.

Also, take comfort in the fact that she just has an independent personality. Being able to be away form mom and dad isn't a talent that all children develop easily. Jake hated it and sammy never looks back when I'd drop him off. haha. Does that mean he doesn't love me? No. But it's easy to think.

Course if I were going to a place that had new toys and different fun people, I naturally wouldn't want to leave either. Doesn't mean she doesn't want to be at home, it just means she is enjoying where she's at, and thats a very good thing.

You are a GREAT mom and no one can ever take your place in her life. Ever. She needs you and loves you, and she always will.

...and we love you too!
love amie

CWatts said...


That breaks my heart! My mom used to babysit my sister's 2nd grade teacher's daughter back when were in Elementary school. The same thing happened to that cute mom, Rachel would just cry every time her mom picked her up. It was only becasue she was at the age where she loved being around new people. She'll grow out of it :) Smile.



Hey Shari!

I have the same issue with Brady. Right now Dana is watching him and he just LOVES her. Your feelings are 100% valid, but she loves you. It is frustraing, but hang in there, you WILL get through it. I think that for Brady, its just that he has so much fun playing and when he goes home with me, although he does get to play at home, he knows I am mommy and I am a lot more strict then fun aunt Dana. Look at it that way.... She loves you :)





Happily Ever After said...

We are SO EXCITED we found your blog after all this time -- LOVE THE FAMILY PICS -- you guys are amazing! We will be checking in often, and hoping to make a trip up this winter so the girls can shop while the men go skiing!!

Steve and Amy

Happily Ever After said...

PS -- please don't mention our little annoucement when posting on our blog until we post the actual announcement - our families don't know yet since we're planning to tell them all in person

Aimless said...

shari, you and matt have to go take a look at this video on my cousin's blog! it reminds me so much of something our silly hubbies would do together! haha

hope you are doing well!