Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Our life has been everything but relaxing... We have been so busy busy busy! It all started when I went to Seattle to play basketball in a tournament at the beginning of the month (which we won! whoo whoo!). I was gone from Thursday night until Sunday. Then that Wednesday morning, Matt flew to Seattle for a swim meet. He did well and had a personal best in the 50 free! He was gone until Monday morning. THEN that Wednesday morning, I flew out on a business trip to Chicago, Denver, and Kansas City, MO. I came home yesterday morning. That's not all, I am off to McAllen and Dallas, TX again this Wednesday to Friday (for work). The week after, I may be going to AZ (again for work) then two weeks later off to Anaheim, CA for another basketball tournament.... Our lives just get busier and busier and Matt and I never see each other! So in all of the busyness, Brooklyn had fun being with her cousins who were in town from St. George all week last week. She also got to go fishing with her friend Hailey (isn't daddy so sweet).  They didn't catch fish but sure caught some crabs and sent them back in the water. Matt and Brooklyn went to our friend, Brent's, birthday party and played some pool! Brooklyn was quite the player! 
In all of the commotion and fun the last few weeks, we celebrated Matt's birthday (his gift was the trip to Seattle). We invited my parents and brother Adam over for swiss chicken and rice along with strawberry shortcake. Matt was actually in Seattle on the day of his birthday and his wonderful Aunt and Uncle celebrated a nice birthday for him and Matt Aprecio, Matt's cousin Holly, her husband (named many Matts!) Below are pictures of the last few weeks!

The crab Matt caught! He said it was actually holding onto the food that was on the hook and hadn't even bit into the hook... I am sure its mouth wouldn't fit over the hook but it must have been cute that it was just holding on!

Brooklyn and Hailey fishing! Relaxing and waiting for a tug!

Matt was soooo excited about his new body suit for his swim meet in Seattle.  Doesn't he look HOT! These suits are what the swimmers in the olympics wore... I won't say how much these suits cost... Your jaw will drop to the floor... Close your mouth Michael. We are not cod fish!

Matt's cake... no frosting cause it was for strawberry shortcake... Can ya tell I love ya Matt? The candles were melting like crazy....

My sweetheart... 

Wanna play pool?

Brent, Brooklyn and Matt at Brent's birthday party. 2 men and a little lady!

Matt taught Brooklyn how to fly a kite in our backyard. She has her favorite lady bug rain boots on!

Matt and Matt celebrating their birthday. They are impersonating their action figures that were on their Power Rangers cake. 

Matt's uncle Arney (far left) plays in a band and he had him up on stage with to play the tambourine during "Its Your Birthday" by the Beatles. Uncle Arney plays great music and it was a blast for Matt to be there. Thanks Bailey and Aprecios for all the fun Matt had!


Loni said...

No wonder why I haven't talked you in so long! You guys have been SO busy! The next 10 weeks will FLY by, then we are back!! Miss ya! By the way, I LOVE the fishing pic of brooklyn, she is sitting up so straight and propper. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

Tamara said...

Wow, you are busy! I love the pic of Brookly holding the kite! So cute!

CWatts said...

Shari, you are one busy girl! A career woman, a wife, a mother! How do you do it all?? Let's go to lunch one of these days when you're in town. We need to catch up!

Ann Mitchell said...

Hey, Shari
I found your blog through Heidi's. You have turned into quite the beautiful young lady! Your husband and girl are adorable! You deserve it!
Miss Mitchell
Alpine Elementary

Aimless said...

It is TOTALLY camping season! whoo hoo!


ps- matt! where is your hair!? We demand a return of the long hair! I'm SURE shari would agree.