Monday, May 18, 2009

Brooklyn is getting all banged up!

I had to post this picture of Brooklyn. A few weeks ago she went through a bad bout of falling, bumping her head and getting scratches all over her face. Poor thing... She has since now recovered and healed well. Although she has a new scratch on her eye lid and several bruises on her legs and a skin cut open on her hand (happened today). She is the most adventurous little gal I know and is an accident waiting to happen. My friend Nicole predicted (when Brooklyn started learning to walk) that she would always be bumping into things, falling, crashing and she sure was right! So how do we break the spell now Nicole? :)

Anatomy of my scratches, cuts and bruises: Below the bottom lip (I fell at Grandmas house in the bathroom doing who knows what), scratch on my left cheek (running and tripped on gravel), scratch above lip on the right (not sure how that happened), elbow scratches (falling, what else), other bruises and cuts on legs (not shown couldn't quite do an acrobatic pose and show all at the same time).