Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stunning Models!

Brooklyn was asked by her friend's mom, Stacy, to participate in some photo shots modeling in Small Beans clothing. She and Hailey, her friend, were so darling and so fun! I think it was a fun experience for them both to dress up! They love to dress up so this was a big treat for them! Thank you Stacy for asking Brooklyn to have so much fun!
You can view this clothing line at as well as other pictures taken by the photographer here.

I just love her pretty face! She is such an angel...

Brooklyn's best friend Hailey, isn't she such a doll? And those blue eyes are gourgeous!

My favorite picture of Hailey.

This one is my favorite of Hailey and Brooklyn. I just love the natural laughter they are showing!

Love the tutu and polka dot leg warmers!


Amy said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing these!

Tamara said...

So, so cute!

Heather Steineckert said...

Cute girls, just like their mamas. :) If you want to check out my blog it is:

Let me know if you want an invite. I will be going private soon.

Miss you guys.


JWolfgramm said...

wow great shots shari!! She is gorgeous!!!

Aimless said...

oooooh my goodness! she is so adorable!


Carrick family said...

Hey, Brooklyn is sooooo cute!! She is beautiful like her mom. I love her photo shoots with her best friends. So dang cute!

itsahalesofalife said...

your daughter is so beautiful!

CWatts said...

Ok, it's not fair to all the other mom's out there to have such a BEAUTIFUL child. I hope you're feeling well and everything is going well for you guys.