Friday, August 15, 2008


Our Family has spent more time outdoors this summer and its been fun! Here are some pictures of the great outdoors!
On our way to 5 mile pass (out pass Eagle Mountain) my in-law's motorhome broke down. So here is Brooklyn standing in the middle of no where! We threw rocks and took a long walk along the side of the road before we were able to move on and get to 5 mile pass to ride motorbikes.
Randy (my father in law all decked out in the motocross attire) and Jerry (good friend of the family from Arizona) went and gathered wood for the fire for some yummy BBQ hotdogs and smores!
Vanessa (Jerry's wife) and Brooklyn enjoying the nice night. Vanessa has the cutest home I have ever seen and if you ever want to see a way nice house with the most amazing decoration, her house is the place to see. So look her up if ever you are in Mesa! Matt and I have asked her to help decorate our home in the future when we have the money to decor (if we ever will hahaha). She is actually an interior decorator and great dance teacher. She taught for many years and sold her business which was very successful! 
Can't have a BBQ without the yummy smores! Matt's mom, Dena, brought Nutella instead of the normal hershey bars for the chocolate! I LOVE NUTELLA! Nutella is a creamy chocolate hazelnut spread...MMMMM! The first time I ever had nutella was when I was in Athens, Greece. They serve nutella for breakfast every morning! It's good on pancakes, bread, sandwiches, etc. Soooo good! I brought some home thinking they didn't have it here in America. I told my mom about this great stuff and she said, Oh, they sell at the stores here. I was like... what! I thought I was bringing home some great thing America didn't have! I guess I like it way more than others do or else Americans would be using it in every meal! I posted a picture so you can see what I am talking about... maybe you are one of the few that might have thought only Greece had this! hahahaha

A couple of weeks ago my friend Cindy invited us to have a BBQ up Millcreek Canyon. We had hotdogs, hamburgers, salads, and SMORES! We love this thing called BBQing!  Doesn't Brooklyn look so cute all crouched down and focused on roasting her marshmellow?

Daddy and Brooklyn roasting more marshmellows! Matt is so sweet with Brooklyn. There is not a day that goes by that Matt doesn't say, "Shari... I just LOVE Brooklyn. She is so cute!". We really do love her sooooo much and just love spending time with her and watching her learn new things. She is one heck of a sweet daughter... We love you Sweet Angel!

So there was a pretty waterfall and stream in the background... as you can tell it didn't show up in the picture. Brooklyn had so much fun that night! She loves being outdoors! Half of the time we were around the campfire the smoke seemed to chasing Brooklyn and I around wherever we sat, it does that ya know and its pretty annoying...Brooklyn started saying, "Mom, I don't like a smoke.... I don't like a smoke...", so cute, I just love how she talks.  I don't know what it is but I seem to attract the unwanted things such as the smoke and oh then there are mosquitos! I (excuse my language) HATE mosquitos! They LOVE me but I do not love them. I dunno what the darn silly heck makes them come after me but it can't be the way my blood taste to them because then why would have them come near me in the first place? Do I have some kind of aroma they like? Well I don't like it! Stay away from me Mosquitos! Go bother someone else who never gets bit! :) 
I thought I'd add this one in. I stole it from my brother's blog. On the 24th of July Matt and I got together with my brothers Cody and Matt and their family and had a BBQ and lit some fireworks. Mom, Dad and Adam were out of town in Colorado for Adam's baseball tourn. (He played well by the way). Cam and Amie live in St. George so that was too far for them to come up for just the BBQ of course. It was a relaxing but fun night! 


Aimless said...

Ok! It is time for the Post and Bailey fam to have a great outdoors adventure themselves. I know just the place, in fact, I know many place in beautiful Montana. There isn't a landscape you can't find here. If you want a low lying valley with high snow capped mountains with a fresh water stream running through an aspen grove with beautiful wild flowers and a majestic bull elk standing on top of a hill guarding his cows... WE GOT IT! Actually, that scenario is quit common here. So yeah, summer is fading fast and if you come at the end of September, you can see the boy elk fight for some loving. haha. Anyway, your outdoor adventures look like a lot of fun. (only wish i had a mono) Have a good week!


Jenn Douglas said...

You have such a cute little family and it sounds like ya'll have had a great summer. It goes by too fast it seems, however, having bbque's is a good way to spend the summer.

Tamara said...

I LOVE Nutella! Yum! You've gotta try this recipe: Get some refrigerated crescent dough at the store. Put a dallop of Nutella in the center of each one, roll it up and bake it. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. YUM! They're really pretty for holiday treats during the winter. See ya!

wendy and brig said...

Hi Sheri, this is Wendy, Tamara Folletts friend. You left a comment on my blog about the images that I changed. All I used was photoshop elements. I bought it at Costco. On photoshop they have an area on the right where you can find different effects that you can do to your pictures. The one I used for the sepia looking pictures was the old photo effect option. You just pick the picture you want and press that option and it automatically changes it. As for the picture of my son and his sippy cup I used the magnetic lasso tool on the left of the photoshop program. This one is a bit harder and I am still learning how to do it, but you click on that tool and outline the areas you want to change black and white. This tool is kind of picky and hard to follow the outline, it just takes a few times practicing it. After you outline it you double click so the outline kind of flashes, then you go to the enhance button on top and find the option that says adjust color, then remove color. The portion you outlined with the magnetic tool should then be black and white. Sorry that was kind of long winded explanation, I hope it helps you in some way. I am still learning to use photoshop, there are tons of things you can do. If you have it or end up getting it and you find some fun things to do with it comment on my blog and let me know. Good Luck

wendy and brig said...

Sorry I spelled your name wrong in my last comment

dan and audrey said...

hey this is Audrey, our husbands work together, I think Dan is or was matt's manager.. anyway he sent dan the link to your blog and then dan sent it to me since he thinks i'm addicted, i guess he just wants to feed the addiction, oh well. i just thought i would say hi and tell you how cute your little girl is and your blog is soo cute too. I met you at that little BBQ at that HUGE house in draper, i don't know if you remember, but it's fun to know more blogger friends..(:

Aimless said...

Shari- i wanted you to know that the other day Matt and I were writing notes back and forth in church and talking about taking a trip to Utah and he wrote "to see family," and I added "...and the baileys." He of course smiled and agreed. haha. Just wanted to let you know i was thinking about you! miss you much!

I tagged you on my page!


Aimless said...

The Halabalou is back in action! Come take a peek!

love amie

Shauna said...

You have the cutest family. I love your blog and all the pictures. The big one of Brooklyn is darling.It was fun seeing you at Grandpa Groens birthday party. Can I have your email address so I can send you an invite to my blog. You can email me- if you want I would love to keep in touch. Shauna