Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cute Brooklyn!

Brooklyn has been so cute lately... well she always is cute but she is really developing more of her personality. She is such a talker like her Dad and says the cutest things! She also has a mind of her own and I just can't believe how grown up she talks sometimes. It's like she memorizes everything Matt and I say. I have posted some fun pictures of her to reveal some of her funny personality.

The other day I found Brooklyn out on the deck reading books. She loves to actually say stuff as she is reading the books. I was reading her I do not like green eggs and ham, and she kept saying I do not like it Sam I am, I do not like it. Then she would turn the page and repeat it and add some other words. So cute... She has a good memory!
Every morning Brooklyn loves to have a bottle of milk and go lay with Daddy in "Daddy's" bed. They always cuddle and sleep for a little while together. If they had their way, then Brooklyn would be sleeping in our bed every night. I can't sleep if she is in bed with us because I am always afraid she is not breathing or we have rolled over her and she also owns the bed and moves all over the place pushing me off the bed practically! :)
Brooklyn and cousin Chloe with Grandpa! Aren't they cute gals? These two play together every Thursday and have a blast! Sarah watches Brooklyn each Thursday and I really appreciate all of her help! Thanks Matt and Sarah! Brooklyn loves Grandpa Kelsch! Often times Grandma Kelsch (she watches Brooklyn on Fridays) will take her to visit Grandpa at work or Grandpa will come home during lunch and they play, play, play. Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your help too!
The other day I visited my friend, Taryn, from high school and she and her daughter were playing dress up. She looks so cute and it really matches her spunky personality! 

Up close glamour shot!

Riding Grandma Bailey's lawn mower. Brooklyn loves to take rides on this. Grandma Bailey always takes her on a ride throughout the neighborhood. Sometimes she rides in the trailer part of the mower and seems to love it because she fell asleep last week while the lawn was being mowed....
Here she is sleeping! Isn't she just an angel and might I say... long? She really is growing!

My mother and I were able to attend Women's conference at the Conference Center in SLC. We had an enjoyable time listening to the speakers. Elder Uchtdorf reminded me what a special role we as women have here on earth with our families. Sometimes we forget that we are a vital part in our Father in Heaven's plan. It's nice to hear it from the leaders who reassure us. I do know that I am here for a reason and I have a wonderful family to raise. I am grateful for my (enter any positive trait here and that is what he is... there are so many words to describe him) husband for helping me and always being at my side. I love you honey. On our way back to the car I took a picture of the SLC temple and thought it was pretty darn good... or you might say, my camera was behaving for once! 
Can you recognize this building? I love this style! My mother and I would love to live her and be in the heart of SLC! I dream about what it would have been like to live back when Brigham Young was alive and live in all these cool houses! I am sure the community so close knit and just fun! Of course it was trying times, but don't each generation have their own?
The light post in front of the home. I showed these pictures to my brother Adam and come to find out he would have loved to live back then as well! He loves the architecture and style. He and I are alike in many ways... I love you Adam!

Adam and cousin Colin! Aren't they cute!

I wanted to add that we have been really busy and so I am behind in my blogging... Matt, Brooklyn and I did take a fun trip to SF back in August and my sister in law did a post on it if you want to see some pictures of us in SF, go to and go to the Busy Busy blog entry. We love you guys and miss you!  Next week we get to go to St. George for my nephew Kade's blessing. All the family will be there and it will be so wonderful to see my sister Amie and her family as well! Here we come!


Schonbergs said...

im so glad you finally posted! You guys need to come and play at our new house!

Dena And Randy Bailey said...

Brooklyn is so cute. She has the best Grandma"s "IN WORLD". I love you guys!!!!! xxoo

Aimless said...

Holy smokes! Ok, so i have contacted my lawyer and we have set up an arranged marriage. It will commence once Sam gets home from his mission in 2027. I'm sure Brooklyn won't mind since he will be a handsom devil like his daddy. Good talking with ya today Matt. Hope the Bailey fam has a date picked out for a fun filled extravaganza to MT. By the way, good news. Amie is able to attend a sign class at my school. I can't since i am already in class at that time. She can teach me during the 10 mins a day we get to see each other..... not really, but sometimes it feels like that. Ok, gotta go.


Ryan, Helen and Kids said...

Hi Shari this is Helen Duckworth. you need to email me so that I can add you to my blog, How cute is she! You have a cute family.

Lindsay and Robert said...

MATT and Shari!!! it's lindsay smith now lindsay staples!!!! how the heck are you... Loni found my blog and then i found your blog.. i am happy to be reunited with the Bailey Family!! You two are such an inspiring couple.. i have told my husband all about you guys.. Brooklyn is beautiful.. i think i have told you before but ever since i was little i have wanted to name my first girl Brooklyn!! I am working in Brooklyn, NYC... so even more of a reason to do it!!!:) keep intouch

Kara said...

Hi Shari, got your comment about Lance. I don't have an email or phone # for him directly since it's been years since I've seen him, but I do have a # for his parents if you want to email me mommy2boyz at gmail dot com.

I like your blog and your daughter is so adorable :)

Proud Momma said...

Brooklyn is adorable Shari! I love that picture of her sleeping while the lawn is being mowed...hilarious! Nice to see you blogging again!
By the's Libby from UVSC...remember me?