Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008- Part One

Well I have a few things to post about this Christmas so it's going to take few blog post to get it all in. It will be alot of pictures but this really is for my own sake as I am printing the book at the end of the year. Anyways here are some pictures of the past few weeks leading up to the day before Christmas Eve. 

While putting up the Christmas lights, (which we did two weeks before Christmas, I know... lame... but we have been so busy and no time...), I was trying to get a cute picture of Matt and Brooklyn and Brooklyn kept making this funny face! Ha Ha Ha

We told ourselves we were getting new Christmas tree this year, a real one... didn't happen. My sister got this put-together tree for us a few years ago (when we had no money) and each year we keep saying we are going to get a bigger one or a new one or a pre-lit one or whatever one! But it always ends up that we keep using this tree. Our fourth time we have used it I believe. Thanks Amie! 

Brooklyn practically decorated the Christmas tree all by herself! Hence the "Let me do it" phase she is still in. She had fun and we had fun watching her.  This is also our fourth year with no tree topper! I just never know what to put up there or find anything I like when I am actually out looking... it remains un-topped still.... Hmm... Maybe next year?
I decided I wanted to make gingerbread houses this year to spike up the Christmas cheer and set it up for all my siblings to come with their children (Amie and Cam and their families did it in St. George which they had already planned). We enjoyed a fun time and there were a few party poopers (those who didn't decorate a house)... you know who you are! LOL.

My handy man brother Cody went all out on the Christmas castle he made! It's so perfect! He installs cabinets and loves to create furniture so you can see where his awesome skills come from! He was the only Male Adult who was fun enough to participate! My sister gave us a tip on how to glue to the house together. (Burn one cup of sugar in an electric skillet, stir until it becomes liquid. Turn down heat, warm enough to keep it liquidy. Dip the edges of the crackers in it and press together to another edge and viola! You have a house to decorate in minutes! I also have two frosting recipes if anyone is interested!

Working hard to create a yummy house! Wouldn't it be fun if we could actually live in a candyland home during Christmas?

The end result! I love decorating gingerbread houses! I love Christmas!

Brooklyn's friend Hailey and Brooklyn both helped me make chocolate covered pretzels to deliver to our neighbors to spread the Christmas cheer.  And Christmas cheer did they get! They enjoyed dipping the pretzels themselves and eating them rather than saving them!

Christmas cheered wide-eyed girl eating the most delicious candy she ever did eat! Well it better be the best she ate cause she made them! 

Here is our finish product of Christmas cheer! Next year we will dip them in carmel first so they don't like chicken legs! Pretty good for a first timer don't ya think?

Later Brooklyn helped me deliver the Christmas cheer pretzels and enjoyed walking in the snow! Here we are at the Johnson's home (they are leaving for their mission to Johannesburg, South Africa Mission in Feb.) I wanted to share a cute moment Brooklyn had with them. Matt was getting ready to leave the house and Brooklyn slipped out a few minutes before he did. The Johnson's were also on the their way out. Brooklyn walked up to them and said, "Hey you're all dressed up! You going to church?". They responded, "Actually no, we are going to the temple." Brooklyn was so excited she replied, "You're going to the temple!? I love the temple!"  What a sweet spirit she has.... We sure love her.


Tamara said...

I loved your pretzels--yummy! That face Brooklyn is pulling in that first picture is so funny--hardly even looks like her. I hope you had a great Christmas. See you tomorrow!

Kirsti said...

Ditto Tamara - Thanks for the pretzels! Those girls are the cutest ever. It's great that Brooklyn has a cute friend so close.

p.s. i need your e-mail so i can send you a blog invite to my blog. we made it private and changed the name. you can e-mail me at so i have your e-mail. thanks!

Aimless said...

I just want to say that Brooklyn could be screaming at the top of her lungs, red faced and angry, and I would still feel like she is the most adorable little girl I ever knew. I'm telling you this because I don't always feel that way about other people's kids. I know, thats kinda mean but it's true! I mean, sometimes I think they are cute, but not all the time. I think Brooklyn is cute ALL the time! Is it normal to think that about a child that isn't your own? ...maybe it's her super power. haha. Unending charm.

She killed me on Christmas "merry christmas! love you!" ahhhh! soooo sweet! I just wanted to squeeze her! They need to invent telephone hugs. Pronto!

Crowther family said...

Shari- I found your blog I hope you don't mind. I love the pictures of Brookyln. Thank you again for letting us watch her the other day. My kids are still talking about her. Merry Christmas!!

Matthew and Melissa Earl said...

very cute christmas pictures. for the swagbucks, all you do is use that site to do searches like you would google. it is run by google so it will do the same thing a google search does. then you will get random swagbucks to redeem for gift cards and such. let me know if you have other questions.

Fullmer Fam said...

Hey Shari, I've just caught up on your blog! I love all your pictures! Little Baby-Girl Brooklyn continues to be adorable! :) And oh my gosh, i can't believe that's Adam!! I haven't seen him forever! - How old was he when we were playing hoops? Man, he's changed quite a bit!

Julie said...

Shari you are such a fun mom! I love your pictures! Email me if you still can't get on to my blog!
Miss you!

WOLF-PACK said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!! I can't believe how big Brooklyn is getting! Tell Cody his family is beautiful and congrats on the new little one for me.

Tiffany and Shane Speakman said...

Hey girl, shane told me how good you and your hair looked the other night when you dropped off that gift! Thank you so much! Youre too sweet... and we are so lame cause we never call to hang out and now dallas is going to be here, but we should really try and hang out still!!! We really do miss you guys! Call us anytime as well, hopefully we can catch up soon! Tiff

Robbie said...

You guys are wonderful! I just saw your comment on our blog and want you both to know that we love you guys! What a wonderful family!