Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kelsch Family Christmas Party
We had a Christmas party with relatives on my dad's side of the family at the Country Inn & Suites in Sandy. We enjoyed some wonderful food (hoagies, salad, chips, dessert). Santa and Mrs. Claus came to visit all the kids and they each received a gift! We missed Cam, Amie, Matt and all their family!

Cody, Kristin and cute Addison

My cute niece Addison sitting on Santa's lap for the first time. Piece of Cake!

Cute little brother Adam! Anyone who wants to date him as to run it by me first! Yep... that's right!


Grandpa and Brooklyn (she is signing LOVE)

This is my cute 2nd cousin, Braxton. He is also deaf like me! He is one shy dude and I can't get him to sign anything without blushing... HaHaHa

Merry Christmas Everybody!
(Brooklyn did quite well with Santa this year. She had that little hesitant look on her face when she first sat in his lap but was adamant that she was gonna sit on his lap until she got her gift)


Aimless said...

totally cute! I love that softening effect you do with your pictures sometimes. I think it adds to the moment in the picture.

so i finished my signing class for the semester and am kinda disappointed. I knew it was a beginners class at the start but I was hopping since it was at the college it would move fast and I would learn some new things. I did but not as much as I wanted to. It's always good to have practice though and I am a little better at finger spelling (still SUPER slow at reading it though haha). I loved my teacher and I'm hopping she'll do something on a new level sometime in the future.

We got your card in the mail. sooooo adorable! you guys are such a beautiful family! Matt and I are hitt'n the slopes sometime soon if you want to coooome! (actually I wouldn't advise it, the roads are so dangerous this time of year, but that doesn't mean we don't wish you were here!)

love you!