Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lilac Festival, Mother's Day and beautiful walks!

This weekend Matt and I went to the Lilac Festival which is really big here in Rochester. We went with some of our friends and had a good time! There was all kinds of food to eat, some rides for the little children, a walk through all the lilacs (smells so good!), and music to listen to.  Brooklyn keeps asking Daddy to take her to a concert and Matt has gone to several since we have moved here (mostly to stand at the front of the stage and gawk at the bass player, he has been taking bass lessons and is in love with it). Anyways, since Brooklyn is too young to go to concerts Matt took the advantage of taking her right up to the stage and together they both gawked at the bass player hahaha. I didn't get a picture but I am sure they both had fun together! I had Taylor with me and had lots of fun people watching and "eyes dropping" (reading lips) while I waited for them to come back. I could do that for a job!

A couple weeks ago for Mother's Day, Brooklyn's preschool class had a party for all the mothers. The children were all so sweet and Brooklyn guided me to my table holding my hand. My hand had slipped out and Brooklyn said Mom! I am supposed to take your hand and guide you to our table!  It was so cute!  The children sang songs for us and of course I don't what songs they sang but Brooklyn did such a good job! Mothers Day was so fun for me. Matt, Brooklyn and Taylor made me a delicious breakfast of omelets and toast. Matt makes the most delicious omelets ever and they are to die for! For dinner he made swiss chicken and rice which melted in my mouth... mmmmm! They also showered me with gifts of jewelry and clothes. Matt does so well picking stuff out for me I am so lucky to have a husband who knows how to shop for me! I truly have such a wonderful family and I am so grateful for their love and patience with me. I am always striving to be a better wife and mother and know I have room for improvement but I want them to know how much I love them and how much they mean to me. I am so lucky.... very lucky....

Here are pictures of the past two weeks along with other pictures. I had some bad luck with the camera a few times so some of the pictures are not in focus but its all I had. Better to have something than nothing!

A Sunday walk earlier this month. All the lilacs and blossoms had just bloomed.

Daddy and Me....

Brooklyn had so much fun smelling all the blossoms we couldn't keep up with her!

Towards the end of the Sunday walk...

Mommy and Me...

I love these pretty white flowers!

At the Lilac Festival (had to get a picture in front of the lilacs!)

Several of my friends were so excited to eat at this place....I ordered "The Freda" which was battered dipped artichokes fried in oil placed on some sort of pita bread topped with cheese... the verdict....

It was okay..... I love artichokes and I thought this looked so good but looks can be deceiving! It was still good but not as good as I had imagined. But either way I was excited to try something new. 

Rachel, Jenelle and Dani are some of my coolest friends here!

I thought my husband looked hot in this picture so I had to post it! He was watching/listening to the concert (mainly gawking at the bass player)

Taylor was enjoying every minute being outside and did so well! She is such a smiler, she gets it from her big sister! Can you tell? (below)

Brooklyn was so excited to ride on the train! She just had to!

She also got to ride this horse!

Enjoying a creamsicle chocolate on cone!

Ya think they would give me a bigger scoop!

Brooklyn's gift to me for Mother's Day! I love it and have it on my curio shelf in the living room.

Brooklyn's preschool class getting ready to sing some songs for all the mothers.

Isn't she such a sweetie! 

Brooklyn lead me to this table with lots of fun spring stuff on it. The little pots were filled with rocks which were chocolate rocks.  We had a great feast of grapes, muffins, sunflower seeds, edible grass and flowers as well! Brooklyn also made a cute green caterpillar!

I love my girls! Thank you Brooklyn for such a wonderful Mother's Day!

About a month ago Matt and I were craving some good sushi but we didn't want to spend a fortune at a restaurant that we decided to make some, well HE made them but I helped eat them!  They were so delicious and we probably had about 40 pieces of sushi! They were even double in size so we stuffed ourselves pretty good! Matt loves to dip them in soy sauce and wasabi (yelch... spitting and gasping for air), and I love to dip them in soy sauce topped with ginger slices. Oh how I love ginger! I can just eat the whole jar alone! We love sushi and we have had a few sushi nights since then!  

Mouth watering sushi!


Dena Coleman Bailey and Randy Bailey said...

WOW! You guys look like you had so much fun at the festival. Mothers day looked great for you Shari. Way to go Matt and Brooklyn. That sushi looks amazing.

Aimless said...

Matt you can make me sushi anytime.... while we ride our motorcycles off into the sunset... i guess i better get a bike first...

Princess Robin said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the best moms I know!! Great pictures! Your family is so darling. :)