Sunday, May 9, 2010

More pictures I say!

I have all these pictures I want to post and frankly I am too busy to post all the time and finally have the time to do more. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and I know Brooklyn will enjoy them too. She loves to look on our blog and go through all the pictures. Its like a photo album for her only its online. We are loving it here in Rochester and enjoy the ward and all our friends. Spring is here and green is all around us. We are enjoying the parks, walks and all the playing time there is outside!  

Grandma Kelsch came to visit us when Taylor was born. Brooklyn wanted to post this picture and I love it too!

For Valentines Daddy made us yummy baby back ribs and gave Brooklyn a rose. She was excited can you tell? She gave Daddy a bunch of her toys for Valentines hahaha. 

Brooklyn at a tea cup birthday party and she got her picture taken on this cute chair! It was a fun party where the girls wore their best dress and got cute small purses. Brooklyn has been having so much fun going to many birthday parties! She loves it!

We finally got some snow, lots of snow back in February.  We had been waiting for the big storms Rochester is known for but this winter was pretty mild. I guess we got lucky! It was still cold though!

The snow kept coming and coming Daddy and Brooklyn were out in the snow all afternoon til dark shoveling snow. They had such a great time. Matt's crazy shoveling in his shorts!

We found this snowman right in front of our door! Our friend, Greg, who is the University of Rochester diving coach and lives a few doors from us, secretly made this snowman and ran off! Brooklyn ran out in her bare feet and had fun playing with her new friend!

Brooklyn has been such big help around the house. In fact she loves to help me clean and in this picture we loaded her up with stuff to take upstairs and see how much she could carry. She sure did pretty good!

Before we flew to Utah back in March Brooklyn kept asking me if today was the day we were going to Utah so I thought it would be fun to make a countdown chain for her. She loved it and would run down the stairs each morning to cut one off! 

We didn't tell Brooklyn that the Grandparents were going to be at the airport to pick us up. She was so surprised and ran right to them! This was Grandma Bailey's first time she had seen baby Taylor!

We love you guys!

This was the first time they had seen baby Taylor.... such a sweet moment.

Brooklyn and cousin Jaxson being silly! They had so much fun together and really play well together too!

This is such a cute picture of Taylor! She smiles a lot and we love it! A friend of ours gave Taylor this blanket with her name monogramed on it. We love it!

While in Utah we celebrated Matt's birthday. He had two birthday dinners and they were yummy! This one was at my parents house and it was fun to have the family there!

We had Matt's other birthday dinner at his parents house the day before the blessing of baby Taylor and planned on using half the cake to serve at the blessing. Hence the candles on half the cake! Grandma and Grandpa Bailey made one of Matt's favorite food, tacos!

Matt invited a few of his good friends (they all swam at the U of U). 
Larsen, Matt, AJ, Cody and Andrew.

We had baby Taylor's blessing on March 14th and we were so grateful we were able to do it in Utah with all the family there. It was a special day and appreciate everyone who came. 

Brooklyn and Taylor look so much alike... This one is Taylor and the one below is Brooklyn... I wish I had a close up picture of Taylor in her blessing dress to easily compare how identical the sisters look but they are!

Brooklyn when she blessed.

I asked my Aunt Andrea to make some booties for Taylor for her blessing and she did such a wonderful job. I love them! It makes me want to learn how to crochet!  Thank you so much Andrea! I sure love you!

Grandpa Kelsch and baby Taylor... priceless...

Thanks to my brother in law Danny he caught a picture of this cake before we cut out Taylor's name! Thanks Danny! The cake was yummy! Costco cake is the best I tell ya!

Mom... I love this picture of you with baby Taylor.... I think you'll like this picture too!

What can I say... ADORABLE!

The crazy Bailey family! Thanks Danny, Loni, Jaxson and Grandma and Grandpa Bailey for coming to celebrate this special day with us! We sure love you all and love how silly we all are!

My brothers and sister! I love you all! I can't believe how much we have grown and how far we have all come! I thank my parents for raising us and for the things they have taught us... We are blessed with such wonderful parents who love the Lord!

The Kelsch girls! 

Brooklyn was able to hang out with her best friend Hailey! They had such a good time together. I felt so bad when they had to part again.... Brooklyn often calls Hailey from her play phone and its so cute... Hailey's mom recently had twin boys! Congrats Stacey!

I love sister, she loves me....

We love Jesus Yesiree!

He loves us and so you see...

We are a happy family!

Catching some zzzzzz.....

Taylor is starting to get the hang of taking baths... for the longest time she did not like getting wet!

Just beautiful!

Happy as can be!

I just love all these pictures of baby Taylor....

Pretty funny.... this happens quite often...


Loni said...

It is fun seeing all the pictures! Keep them coming!! We miss you guys and are glad you have a blog so we can see the girls grow up. Love ya and miss ya!

seth.geri.hazel said...

So much fun! You guys seriously need to roadtrip it south this summer! It can't be THAT far :)

Chrystee said...

Taylor is such a cute baby girl! :) I love looking at your blog and all the pictures. It definitely is a family journal and you can see your kids grow up!