Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mother's Day program, family and the beginning of summer!

Its been a couple of months since Mother's Day came but I still wanted to share what a fun Mother's Day program Brooklyn did for me. It was a Hawaiian Luau theme and she dressed up in a grass skirt with a colorful flower lei.  She sang so proudly and really, as any mother would think of their own child, was the cutest one there!  She lights up my world and I am grateful to have such a sweet daughter, not one but two daughters.  Shortly after Mother's Day family from Utah came and visited us!  Danny, Loni and Jackson Theurer!  We had so much fun with them from eating out at some of our favorite places, to visiting the church sites in Palmyra, to attending the Lilac Festival, to staying up late and eating junk, and of course shopping! It was such a fun and memorable time we look forward to having more family come visit! (hint hint)... We also have been enjoying summer nights hanging outside when its not too hot and our neighbors come and we all hang out.  Enjoy!

Cute place setting for the Mother's Day Hawaiian Luau at Brooklyn's preschool. We enjoyed all sorts of nuts, fruits and punch! 

All the mother's sure felt special!! 

Brooklyn standing proudly in the back row with a huge grin! Makes me tingle! 

Her gift to me... flowers made out of her hand prints. She was so excited for me to open this gift! She could harldy wait! 

 Fishing for a surpise at the Luau!

 The Theurer family is here!! Brooklyn and Jackson riding the train at the Lilac Festival in Rochester.

Loni and Taylor playing kissies! 

Taking pictures in front of the famous lilacs that Rochester is known for. 

Potato sack slide!! I think this was the highlight of the kids night!  

Visiting the sites in Palmyra. This was Joseph Smith's home growing up. Sorry Loni this was the only picture I had... We enjoyed the tour though it was chilly. Thank goodness we had umbrellas! 

Beautiful and green! Walking to Joseph's Smith's 2nd family home which was down from the road where the first Smith home was. 

 Danny has a knack of calming children and Taylor was quite cold so he warmed her up and she laid on his shoulder most of the tour. She loves Uncle Danny!

Brother and sister! Heading into the Sacred Grove. 

We spend some time at Kango's, a fun play place for kids! Taylor loves these cars and each time we go its the first thing she wants to do and be pushed around in it. Can you tell how excited she is? 

Cute couple! 

Jackson and his cute red cheeks loving the tricycle! 

Can ya tell she's been playing rough? 

Feasting at Cheesecake factory.  It seems to be one of our traditions when we get together with Danny and Loni. We both love this place! Taylor showing off her spoon skills! 

These two played so well together. They sure do miss each other! 

Matt bought me these flowers and also the basket of white flowers for Mother's Day. Brooklyn helped me plant the flowers and we also planted her Sunflower that she has been growing since it was a seed. We will post pictures later so you can see how big its gotten! 

Brooklyn wanted some sun one day and so she got in her swim suit and brought her blanket outside to layout.... it only lasted for about 5 minutes... it was too HOT!  

Our neighbor and friend from chruch, Cory. He loves little kids and babysits for us. The girls just love him!!! 

 Our friend Greg (and dive coach at the U of R) showing off his skills! All the kids ended up wanting to try it. It was a fun night eating otter pops, playing games, and maybe getting bit by a few mosquitos.

Cory attemping to master a new skill. 

Brooklyn's turn!  

Caleb masterd it!!! Caleb and Cory are brothers and we sure love having them around. Sad they are moving to a new home but still in our ward! So thats good! We will miss having you guys just down the road!