Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Summer Summer

First off I just want to share how much I love my family.... Words just can't express how much I love Matt and our two little girls. Its so fun being a family and though at times there are struggles, in the end we always love each other and its what makes being a family such a special privilege. I love you Matt, Brooklyn and Tay-Tay!

We have had so much fun this summer and we still have more fun to be had!  Its been fun watching the girls grow especially Taylor as at her age they seem to grow so fast! Taylor has grown physically by being able to do things for herself, talk, sign, and just run all over like she is in a race!  Brooklyn has grown mentally. She seems to have more confidence in herself especially in swimming, she understands what it means to help mom and dad around the house, she ask many questions and also makes observations that blow our minds.  Matt and I are lucky to have such two beautiful daughters and feel so blessed to be able to raise them here on earth.  Thank you Heavenly Father for sending us such wonderful blessings.

Enjoy the pictures below of us all enjoying the summer days! There will be another post of more summer fun as well! Don't forget to check those out!

Taylor's first attempt using a spoon to feed herself. She is doing pretty good and is still trying to figure out how to keep all the food on her spoon and in her mouth before it falls off.

 Tay-Tay loves otter pops!!! Looks like she is getting a brain freeze right here. Kids out here have never heard of the word "otter" pop.... is this a Utah thing?

Her famous pucker lips! Darling girl! 

 Its been so HOT HOT HOT and HUMID HUMID HUMID here in Rochester. Matt is trying to cool off near our little vent... It just doesn't cool us off enough!

Taylor... oh boy... She is going to drive the boat someday. Anytime we are on a boat she heads straight for the steering wheel. Its going to be one crazy drive once she gets a handle on it! 

Floating in Canandaigua Lake with our friends, the Evans, from Utah! 
Spencer, Matt and Taylor, Monica, Brooklyn.  The Evans invited us on their family party boat and we had so much fun cooling down in the waters against the blazing heat.

Floating on a tube just a little too small for me!  

Spencer and his cute boy, Ezra. 

Me and my girls!!! 

Swimming at a pond in Bloomsfield, NY.  This pond was just awesome and we can't explain how cool and beautiful it was. Its a man made pond with a 10 foot high or so dock, a floating island with a slide, a zip line, and a rope to swing off into the water. Picture this pond on a 10 acre land with trees all around... breath taking! 

 The bigger view of the beautiful pond.

 Someday, well maybe someday, when I get a good camera, I will be able to get a picture of Brooklyn mid-air during her jump into the water. She just loved this dock and jumped off it countless times, as opposed to her mother who did it once! Well hey at least I did jump off it right!

 Of course Brooklyn was the last one to leave the dock... she didnt want to leave...

 Also on the 10 acre lot was a pretty neat above the ground pool! Trees all around with flowers too!  We had so much fun swimming at three different locations all day!

 The Evans and our family were in the same church ward in SLC. They also have 3 girls that didn't come on the trip, Scout, Brooklyn and Addy. We have kept in touch through all our moves. Monica is actually from Rochester and still has family here. We are lucky we get to see them whenever they come out!  Thanks again Evans (and also Mindy and Todd)! 

Running and running and running... even when the sun has gone down...


Jenelle said...

LOVED reading all the updates! We miss you guys so much! Looks like you're having a great summer!

P.S. As a huge Otter Pop fan myself, I can tell ya that in Utah the brand name is Otter Pops and each flavor is an otter character. In NY I noticed they were called Flavor Ice. But they're the same thing, just different brands. :)