Friday, August 12, 2011

Brooklyn's Preschool Graduation- May 2011

Overdue but never too late to share Brooklyn's Preschool Graduation with you!
Brooklyn attended Precious Kids Preschool at the Edgewood Methodist Church for two years and its an experience she will never forget! She loved her teacher Mrs. Hadzima and is terribly sad she won't be with her next year. To console her I told her we can go back and visit her and she is very excited to do just that once school starts up again.  She is looking forward to kindergarten though and getting to ride the school bus! I am not so sure how I feel about her riding the bus but she is adamant about riding it!  Oh dear.... Please stop growing so fast our sweet pea!

Just before graduation... she is such a princess!

Wating for graduation ceremony to start. Poor Taylor bonked her head several times in the exact same spot the day before! She was like a robot running into the wall, backing up and running into it again! She still is a cute angel don't ya think?

 Walking into the chapel with her graduating class... that sounds so old haha... preschool class sounds better I think! Smart way to have hats don't ya think, then the girls hair don't get all messed up. Good thinking teachers!

Peeking at mommy and daddy.... 

 Mrs. Hadzimas cute 4 year olds class...

Our camera was not taking very good pictures (or rather the room was difficult for good lighting to get in a good picture) that we didn't get one of the teacher handing Brooklyn her diploma but here it is in her hand! She was so excited!!! She was also given a scrapbook with all the pictures and arts she had done this year... an amazing book!!! 

 The ever famous Mrs. Hadzima! Everyone wants her to teach their child. We were blessed to have her in our lives and Matt especially loves her as she hails from the University of Utah!

Eyeing the yummy cake!!! Ruby and Brooklyn ready to get a bite! 

 Some freinds from class, Ruby, Brooklyn and Sydney. Sydney wanted to be in the middle and didn't look too happy... she really is such a sweet girl!!

Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Chilson both helped in Brooklyn's class. Sweet and fun too! 

Amelia and Brooklyn... Don't you love their names! These two had several playdates and love to be together!   

We have an awesome maintenace guy, Mike, that Brooklyn loves to chat with and here she is telling him about her graduation. She was so proud!


Happily Ever After said...

She is such a doll! I can't believe she's already graduated preschool. Miss you guys!!!

Aim said...

awww so cute! I saw that dress she is wearing in the store and so wished it came in Emily's size! Loved it! Your girls are adorable.