Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blind Date Out On the Streets of SLC

This past week I had a good friend, Jessica Salisbury, visit for a photo shoot I was in charge of at work. Jessica and I played together in China for the World Deaf games this past summer. We instantly became friends and knew we would always keep in touch. Matt and I wanted to set her up with someone and we thought of Matt's friend and swim-mate Cody Rempfer. Matt and Cody both swam at the U of U together and have been great friends since. Matt used to worship Cody before they even met. For those of you who know Matt well enough, he is so into swimming and knowing who all the swimmers are and their best or worst times. He's just like the Rain Man! Now Cody is from California so we asked if he wanted to take a trip back out here to Utah.  It all worked out and we went on a fun date to Red Rock in SLC (GREAT FOOD) and had some dessert at the Dodo (ya gotta try it, they make the best desserts there.... so Matt says... when we lived in SLC we went there every Tuesday night since it was two desserts for the price of one... he sure misses that deal!) We also walked around Gateway and shopped for some pants for Cody. It was a great evening.  We love having friends stay at our home and stay up all night chatting. Matt and I couldn't get Brooklyn to look at the camera but we thought this was a cute picture of Jessica and Cody.  There is also a picture of Brooklyn look pretty chick in the glasses. She just loves to model glasses and hats!


John and Leanne said...

way cute couple, did they hit it off?