Saturday, January 12, 2008

What will Brooklyn like to do?

Lately I have been thinking about what Brooklyn's interest will be as she grows older. Of course I can see her playing basketball or volleyball but lately I am not so sure. I know things change over time but I just always wonder... She seems to like to dance (hence the video of her shaking her hips to the music, I got it from my Momma). Anytime music is heard she's doing some sort of cute movement. She loves to wear daddy's swim cap and goggles and often times Grandma Bailey takes her swimming, teaching her how to float on her back and put her face under the water. Brooklyn loves bath-time! She goes right on her back and likes to lay that way as the tub is being filled with water. Rarely does she ever want to get out of the tub, she just wants to SWIM. I also wonder if she will be an interpreter as she is signing close to 50 words and is one Little Miss Chatterbox (wonder where she got that from... her Daddy!) Will she be a flute player? She loves to blow that flute away! Will want to model? She loves to walk around in my shoes! :) There are so many things she can do and I just wonder what her interests will be! Whatever she decides Matt and I will give her full support! :)


Loni said...

i got it from my momma...

The Aprecios said...

Hey guys! I feel so left behind! I had no idea you had started this blog. Its good to catch up, and see all the new pics of Brooklyn.

Regarding this post, maybe she will be a model for a sycronized water basketball team. THat will bring all of her interests together :)