Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh happy day, Oh happy day! He reunited with his wife whom he LOVED so much.... I want to share my testimony about prophets, especially in the passing of a GREAT prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley.  I am so grateful that we have living prophets today and know that God loves all of his children.  His doctrine teaches that he is the same yesterday, today and forever... there were great prophets in the former times and there continues to be great prophets in our modern day lives. Throughout time, prophets spoke God's words, taught His teachings and were able to guide His church through each dispensation. How neat it is to know that we live in the last dispensations of the fullness of times, how neat it is to know the Gospel will never be taken again from the earth and we will always have it here with us.  I am so grateful for Pres. Hinckley's love and devotion to Christ's church and to His people.  I can't imagine a more energetic person than Pres. Hinckley... He truly represents what Christ is all about and did it with love, with a great sense of humor and with such a sweet admiration for his wife Marjorie. Wow... can you just imagine the happiest reunion... it gives me chills to think about who must have all been waiting for him to come home.  I am ever so grateful for the plan of eternal families and that we will see our loved ones again.  I look forward to a another great prophet and I am ready to learn much from him as I did from Pres. Hinckley.  As I part this evening... I am filled with Christ's love and think of this song...
Where love is, there God is also.
Where love is, we want to be.
Guide us, His truths to follow
Help us obey Him faithfully.
Where love is, there God is also
We think of Him reverently.
Teach us to pray,
To talk with Him above
And know that He will bless us with His love.
The comfort of, loving arms around us.
A song that makes us want to sing.
The happiness we feel,
When love has found us.
Tis love we get, when love we bring....
Tis love we get, when love we bring.....
Tis love we get, when love we bring......
My favorite line as you can tell.... Tis love we get, when love we bring.... Tis love we get when love we bring.... Tis love we get when love we bring...  I can sing this line for hours.... I love my Savior and I know because He is not on earth with us, he speaks through prophets today so that we may know His will for us and His way for us to return back to Him... Tis love we get when love we bring... Tis love we get, when love we bring... Tis love we get wheeeen looooove weeeee briiiiiing.......


Cherish said...

Hey Shari...I love your post! What a sweet and strong testimony! I have always admired that about you. Your little girl is so cute! I just started a family blog and I want to add you to my list. I just need your email address. (