Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hey mom look!
Don't I look pretty with your eye liner!

Playing with mom's jewelry too!

The other day I was getting ready for work and while I was facing one direction into the mirror on the wall, Brooklyn (ignorantly) used my deafness and got into my make up drawer! When I turned around she was putting eye liner on her eyes, or so she was trying too!  It's amazing how smart she is and how she can copy and knows what make up is for.  My mother took a picture of me when I was a little bit older than Brooklyn is now with my whole face full of beautiful black mascara. I need to get that picture and post it along with Brooklyn's but I gotta find it first... Mom has it. Brooklyn is so intelligent... I know most parents say that about their kids but she is something. She knows so many words, knows the sign language for them, and she loves to sing! Matt and I figured out a long time ago if we sing she calms down. So if you ever hear us singing, I looked out the window and what did I see followed by Once there was a snow man, snow man, snow man followed by I love mommy she loves me and 20 other songs in a row it's because she is like the energizer bunny and keeps signing (and saying) AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN! So Matt and I have become quite the duet! We even thought of trying out for American Idol! I always tell matt I hope to sing in the choir in heaven and sing a solo! Ironic for a deaf gal to say!  


Loni said...

oh man I miss you guys and sweet Brooklyn. I am excited to see you guys in a few weeks!

Shane and Jamie Smith said...

Hi Matt & Shari,
I randomly found your blog and wanted to tell you guys "Hello" and tell you that Brooklyn is so darling!! I love the make-up pics!! Shari I used to live in the circle south of Matt's parents, you've guys have been over to my mom's(Becky) a couple times, just incase you dont remember who I am :) I think our girls are like 2 weeks apart or something..Anyways looks like you all are doing well and stop over on our blog and say hi!!!
Take care

Jamie Smith