Thursday, February 14, 2008

Okay it's been a while since I last posted a blog but I couldn't darn silly find the cord that allows me to download the pictures from the camera and I finally found it the other day. So some of the pictures I am posting are things that happened a few weeks ago but I still wanted to share! I have a few updates so it will take me a few blog post to get it all in! 

A while back I took a cake decorating class for fun and was able to try out my skills when my sister, Amie, asked if I could make a some kind of race car cake for my nephew Jake! I gladly decided to take a shot at it and really enjoyed it! Here was the end result!

Family at birthday party

Mom, Dad, Adam and Brooklyn
Uncle Eric and Brooklyn hanging out

Jake working hard on painting his race car
My sister Amie and her husband moved a couple weeks ago down to St. George! I was pretty sad since we won't get to see them often but I guess that means we will have to make more trips down there since Cam and Michelle live down there too! Eric got a marketing job with my the Fitness Ridge company.  Cam and Michelle own the company check out their Web site:
Its a great place to be and to learn how to eat and exercise without using weight loss pills, starving yourselves, protein shakes, etc. It really is a great weight loss facility! They were in the USA Today newspaper a couple months ago so they are getting some national recognition. I am so happy for them and for what a great business they have started. 
Since Amie and Eric were moving we had a small going away party for them and we sang this song that I absolutely love and it made me cry as we sang it to them:

From this valley they say you are going,
We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smiles;
For it seems you are taking the sunshine,
That has brightened our lives for a while.

Come and sit here a while 'fore you leave us.
Do not hasten to bid us adieu.
But remember us here in "Happy Valley",
And the family who loves you so true. 

We all miss you guys up here and can't wait to come down and visit you all!