Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shari's Scar Ordeal

Sad about my cut.......
Can I say OUCH!
Can you tell I am cringing in pain!

Doc about to put in the stitches!
See my fat lip and stitches?
Getting ready to take out my stitches 5 days later
Like my surgical bed?
What a great Doc I have!
What was I worried about? Ain't there no scar showing! I got lucky!
Ok its about time I do a blog entry... Believe me I have been thinking that I needed to do it but time has not allowed me until now... Well really I should be in bed but what the heck! So I am going to share my basketball experience I had a couple of weeks ago in Montana.  I play on the Utah Women's Deaf basketball team and we had a tournament in Great Falls, Montana (beautiful place by the way). Our team was playing in the championship game and we were winning, well pretty much clobbering the other team. It was only like 15 minutes into the 1st half when I and and an opposing player were going for the ball (neither one of us got it) but it ended up that her eyebrow area smashed into my face in the nose, upper lip, mouth area and OH BOY! Did that hurt or what! I was hurling on the ground covering my face cause it hurt so bad and there was pounding as pain seeped through my face I was surprised no teeth had been knocked out with the kind of impact it was. My coach came over and was signing to me are you okay, can you see, is your nose broken... I finally moved my hands and he made what looked like to me a very grave face and said, I think you need to go to the hospital.... I was like what! NO! What the heck for there isn't anything wrong but then he said, you have a cut above your lip and the first thing I said (well rather signed) was No, I don't want a cut, I don't want to have an ugly scar... I started bawling my eyes out and was so nervous about this cut above my lip that my coach was trying hard not to laugh (he later apologized and said I am so sorry for laughing but if a guy were to get some kind of cut they would be so thrilled to have one because it would be so cool to have a scar, but you were thinking totally opposite of that and were worried about having a scar on your face.) Anyways, I ended up going to the hospital crying and worrying the whole time. I got a look in the bathroom before I left and I could split it open.... ewww! My teammates showed up after the game (we won!) and were able to arrive in time to see me get my stitches. OUCH! The numbing shots were worst than getting hit in the face, not to mention 4 different times did the doctor poke me! I have posted pictures of the whole ORDEAL.... hahhahaha I think I made a big deal out of it more than necessary but hey I always worry about how I look. I told my teammates that Heavenly Father was trying to teach me about not being so VAIN... since I always look in the mirror to make sure I look ok... I know I am not perfect but I sure didn't want to have some nasty scar above my  lip! It seems to have turned out great... Thank Goodness! I keep thinking what was the whole point in this happening to me... Well when I went to the hospital, I had an interpreter with me and while we waited for about an hour and half, we had time to talk and I was able to talk to her about the church, more about my mission though and so I keep wondering if this was supposed to happen so that this interpreter and I could meet. I hope she has the urge to learn more and investigates! Guess we will see when we all go to heaven! :)


The Aprecios said...

I bet Matt LOVED kissing you with those stiches in! It would probably feel the same if he was kissing a guy with a tiny mustache!!!

The Postums said...

OK! first of all, Great Falls in like an armpit of Montana. if you want beauty, you must go to like Livingston or Missoula. Helena isn't that pretty either, but i guess it all matters where you come from. if i lived in Utah, then yes, Great falls might look nice. I'm just giving you a hard time Shari. SECOND! why no one told us you were going to be in great falls and only 85 miles away. We (AMIE and I could have been a good fan club) NO SOUP FOR YOU! I'm glad you are ok. Getting hit in the face always hurts the worst... ok, maybe not more then "blankity blank" but still. we are excited to see you guys in a couple of weeks.

Matt (post)