Monday, March 3, 2008

This is the Bailey Family addicted to SPAGHETTI!

She is becoming a true spaghetti eater! Spaghetti is a family favorite of ours and its so easy and quick to make! Brooklyn could sit for hours slirping all the noodles and eat bowls and bowls of canned diced tomatoes! I wonder where she gets that from... her MOM and DAD! We love spaghetti, MORE SPAGHETTI we say! Growing up my mom bought a book, "More Spaghetti I Say!" and I would read it over and over again wishing I was the one eating spaghetti everywhere! If you haven't read the book go check it out at the library. I can remember how I imagined the spaghetti would taste and how I thought I could never get sick of it if I ate it all day, everyday.... so typical for a kid to think that way. Each birthday growing up we got to choose what we wanted for dinner, I am sure you could guess what I chose... YEP SPAGHETTI! Okay so this is a silly post about spaghetti but hey we love it! Enjoy the pictures!


amie said...

Wow 2 comments in one day! I hope that I didn't make you feel guilty for not having more posts! You know I was just kidding right? I haven't posted forever!

I loved that spagetti book! It would be a fun one to add to my home library of kids books. Thanks for the memories.

BTW--I had to order a book from the childrens book of the month club in order to fulfill my membership requirements so I ordered the book "Olivia". Just wanted to let you know.

Love you bunches!

Cameron and Michelle said...

Hey shari-email me that cute pic of brooklyn and a few more and I can change your blog to a spring one. Also send me your blog info again I don't think I kept it. I was good to see you last weekend.

sher said...

I remember reading that book to you...over and over and over again. Good memories! I love those pics.

The Postums said...

k, first things first. Isn't it weird that our husbands are practically an old married couple and we have never met? haha! And second, you have a friend named amie already who spells her name just like me! Which is of course...the RIGHT way to spell amie. haha

Anyway, I've heard so much about you already and I'm excited to come down and stay for conference weekend.

ps- your daughter is adorable! You've already met mine, so I don't have to tell you what a silly, chaotic, crazy, dirty bunch they can be!

See you guys soon!

love amie post

The Postums said...

Dude! that is one huge bib.... i think i gave up on bibs a long time ago. They were always so small and didn't do the job i wanted them to. So, short of tying a trash bag around my kids neck(not safe) i think a hose should do the trick. Brooklyn and Sam should have an arranged marriage... what do you think? i have a stud for a little kid and you have a sweet little princess... that should work, right? anyway, so you know in advance, Sam has become very familiar with his you know what. i can't keep him from playing with it. i hope he grows out of it by next Thursday... Why Thursday... i don't know. anyway, long comment, see ya'll soon.


Tiffany and Shane Speakman said...

wow it's been a while since we've seen eachother... your red wall looks great! I want to come see it! We need to all get together again. This month has been pretty busy sorry. But lets try to plan something for next month for sure!!!

Tiffany and Shane Speakman said...

where did you go to get your different background wallpaper???? I want to cuten mine up but can't figure out how???? Thanks

Matt and Sarah said...

Slurp, slurp, slurp ain't spagetti great.