Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Graduation Matt!

On Friday Matt graduated from the Univeristy of Utah! It was so good to see him in his cap and gown getting all graduated! I pretty much had to convince him to walk. Matt has been done with school since Dec. 2007. He had to wait to walk though since they only have graduation but once a year. I wanted to show off to everyone how proud I am of him and how much he has accomplished! I am so in awe with all he has done and how hard it must have been but fun too! I gave him a graduation card along with some gifts and part of what I wrote in the card was this, " have accomplished such a great thing and not everyone can say they have served a mission, went to college and swam while in college and complete all three--100%!" Matt has spent hours studying, preparing, swimming and being on road at the swim meets and has done so well. He was also a full time Dad and husband which made his load very heavy but not once did I ever him whine about it. He actually loved everything, well maybe not so much all the homework but he did it!
Matt's parents, my mom (my dad really wanted to make but was unable to, but we know he was thinking of him), and Brooklyn and I were there to cheer him on! I also made some signs for the car to show how excited I was for him. During the graduation, Matt's Mom had Brooklyn. Brooklyn wanted to see Daddy who was one section away from where we were. So Dena told the graduates to pass Brooklyn over to "Matt" in the next section over like you would with a big ball during a game. Brooklyn was crying and shaking so bad as she was passed over as she had no idea what was going on. Everyone was wearing these black gowns and black square hats so they all looked the same! Finally when Matt got Brooklyn she was screaming and saying, I want Dama (Grandma), I want Dama and Matt had to tell Brooklyn it's Daddy, it's okay. She was shaking really hard. She finally calmed down and enjoyed the time with her dad (who by then had already gotten his diploma).
Matt had such good eyes and found an interpreter. Come to find out, it was the mother of a friend of mine and they were saving two seats (the only two seats left in the front row) but the people they were saving the seats for never showed up. Mrs. Featherstone, the interpreter said, well these seats must have been meant for you and your mom then! She was really sweet and I thank her for interpreting so I could enjoy the graduation as well.
After graduation we took some pictures, as you can see and then off to Chuck-A-Rama! Matt's favorite place, literally! Cody met up with us for a fun feast! Matt, Brooklyn and I went to his house to watch the Jazz game and fell asleep before they won the last game of the series. We were all tired out! Brooklyn fell asleep upon arrival and fell asleep in Uncle Cody and Aunt Kristin's bed. She had a fun filled day but my goodness... she was somebody's cute but moody daughter! :)
Congratulations Matt! We are proud of you! We know you will be successful in all you do!


Aimless said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! wow! What a great accomplishment! We are so proud of you....and Matt is even more proud, Matt, that your favorite place to eat is Chuck Orama. hahaha.

I shook my magic 8 ball last night and asked it if the Bailey's were coming to visit soon and it said "yes." It's shaping up to be a nice warm summer!

love ya!


amie said...

Way to go Matt! There is no doubt how much you love your work so hard for them.

Love you guys! Miss you bunches!

Loni said...

Congrats bro! Wish we could have been there... :(