Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Trip To the Small Gamble City... Mesquite

This past weekend I was able to drive down to Mesquite, NV and spend some time with my mission companion and her sister in law. The one night trip was not what we had expected but still we made it fun and enjoyed the time being with just us girls! We drove out Friday morning after I dropped Brooklyn off with my Mom (thanks Mom for all the times you watch Brooklyn, she sure loves Dama!). The weather up north was cloudy and raining, we brought that with us to Mesquite! We had planned to get some sun out by the pool but instead we ended up on the tanning beds... I know not good for me but hey I wanted some tan and its not like I do it everyday! We rode Go-Karts in stead and met a sweet old man named Ray. We call him Ray-Ray. He was from Minnesota and had made several trips to Las Vegas from Minn. Then one day he told his wife, "By golly, I don't want to live here no more and I'm gonna to move to Mesquite whether you come with me or not!" I asked, so did she come? He said, "Of course! She believes that the wife goes where the husband goes!" Aren't old people so cute! After we rode the Go-Karts, it started hailing! Yeah in Mesquite! My darn goodness! We had planned to go minature golfing but that was out the window so we drove to Walmart, the next best thing to do if you don't gamble, and bought some Phase 10 cards. We had fun roaming Walmart and checking out all the sales. We then ended up back in the hotel and gave ourselves our own pedicure, manciure and facials! It was quite relaxing and fun! We also relaxed in the hot tub and took a dip in the freezing cold water then of course back to the hot tub and shared our most embarrassing moments. The next day on the way back north we stopped in St. George and spent the day there shopping and visited my brother's fitness facility, Fitness Ridge ( It was a quick trip but fun to get together with my friends! Thanks Cindy and Shannon! I had a great time! I forgot my camera but Shannon took pictures and I don't have them so this will be a pictureless blog entry!


Aimless said...

Don't worry about the whole tanning bed thing, I'm sure if it wasn't good for ya, Amie would be a dried up raisin by now. She goes all the time. Even i will go if it is free. I just have to laugh that you guys went to WALMART when your that close to such a fun town. gald ya had fun. I'm sure Matt missed you.

Joel and Kristie said...

I am sooooo glad you went on this trip!! Or we never would have found each other again!!! I'm soooo excited to keep in touch now!!!