Monday, May 19, 2008


Brooklyn's good friend Hailey. They love to play together!
Brooklyn happy that Grandpa is getting better
Brooklyn's favorite ride at Chuck e Cheese
She's not so sure she likes the jeeping move. It was the biggest ride there.
Brooklyn made this for me for Mother's Day... So cute!

Feeding a baby horse with Daddy
Brooklyn: "Not sure if I want you to stick your head out"
Enjoying some grass!

Here some updates from the past 2 weeks:
Brooklyn made a cute hand print for me for Mother's Day in the nursery (she loves that class, especially being with her friend Hailey). Hailey lives in our ward and is such a sweet gal! 

A family in our ward breeds race horses and we were able to go and visit horses, many of which were new born. Brooklyn had a blast looking at them all and helping feed them. The were bred by past successful race horses. 

My dad is getting healthy after finding out he does not have cancer! It was a hard time for me to see my dad in pain and not feeling right at all. Instead of cancer he had a bleeding ulcer which is now being taken care of. No more worrying dad! 

On Saturday recently, Cam and Michelle invited us to go to Chuck e Cheese with their family for the kids birthday. Matt was actually gone motobiking with his dad and sister Lacey (a trip planned a few weeks before). So Brooklyn, Kash (my nephew) and I met up and had some fun! Brooklyn loved all the rides and went on them at least 25 times. She had such a blast!

Matt passed his test! He got an 89% on his series 7 test! For those who don't know what that is, it's a license required to have to work with investment stuff (stocks, bonds, etc). Matt has been studying all day, all night, every day since February! He never got sleep and we never got to see each other! I am soooo glad that part is over. I am so proud of him because he worked so hard and prepared himself well for this test. He has one more test to take but will only need to study for 2 more weeks. He really enjoys his job at Fidelity and we are both so blessed he has a job he enjoys.

On saturday I was able to help with a humanitarian activity where we worked on quilts and dresses for girls in Africa. The dresses were such a neat idea. We had regular t-shirts that were in different colors and we sewed material to the bottom of the shirts to make it look like a dress. They were pretty cute and I am sure the children will love it. I was thinking to myself how blessed I am with the things I have. I often take for granted what I have and at times think oh I need this or I need that when really I don't! I need to be more grateful for what I have and think of others more. 


CWatts said...

You are so sweet. I love looking at the cute pictures of Brooklyn- she is getting so big and looks just like you!!! I hope you guys are well. Miss you!!


Fullmer Fam said...

Man! Brooklyn looks so much like you Shari!! She's adorable!! I can't believe the last time I saw her, and you, she was only one month old! Crazy!

Loni said...

Did brooklyn say that to the horse? or is that just what she was probably thinking? We can't wait to see you guys soon! you better come out on the 6th!!

sher said...

Congratulations to Matt! Whoo-whoo!!!! It'll be nice to see you again!
The pics of Brooklyn are all so cute!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness Shari is this really you? You are still just as beautiful as ever and your little girl is adorable! What is going on with you??
Julie Chambers :)

Cherish said...

I love reading your blog. You are the sweetest...most humble person I know!
I'm glad your dad is getting better and that he doesn't have cancer. Your dad is awesome!

Brooklyn is adorable...she is lucky to have you as her mom.

Jensen Family said...

Shari, Cute pictures of Brooklyn and I'm so happy for Matt those tests are crazy hard and it's a lot of stress so Good Job Matt. Have a good one and I hope to see you Sunday.

Melissa said...

Shari...It was so good to find your blog. You look great and your family is so cute!!

Sister C said...

Congrats for being smart, Matt!!! I get updates on you guys all the time from Matt's family but hopefully you'll both come into Wells Fargo and say hi!!!!

Aimless said...

aww! what great pics! I love them! Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun over there. I was sad that Matt didn't get to come down to see you after all but not too sad cause then I didn't feel left out! haha! I was so jealous he was gonna get to hang with you guys and I wasn't! We'll get together soon though I hope! Remember you are welcome anytime!

love you!