Friday, October 30, 2009

Day four of pictures...

(Pardon the poor quality of the pictures.... we need a new camera.... bad...)
Swimming in Canandaigua Lake! Canandaigua is one of the five finger lakes here in NY. Its soooo beautiful! We would love to have a second home here and the houses here are oh so so... I can't even explain... they are just so unique and old and I would love to live in them! We had some friends that were visiting in Rochester that were in our ward in SLC and they invited us out on the boat to play! Of course I didn't swim with my pregnant belly... I know a party pooper but I don't care! Brooklyn and daddy had fun in the warm water while my parents and I watched and ate food! Thanks so much Monica and Spencer for inviting us and helping us get settled in nicely with a night on the lake!

I love my family! We miss Grandma and Grandpa Kelsch! My parents traveled across the country with us to help with the move and it was soooo great to have them with us for a few days after we got here. It helped make the transition easier but I still miss them so dearly!
Monica and her cute babe! Thanks for such a fun time! Monica used to live in Rochester and was here for a wedding the week we moved here. Her parents are actually now in the Provo Utah Mission as the mission president. I think its the Provo Utah one....
Spencer about to crash! Spencer thought he could beat Matt in a freestyle swim... haha he thought wrong but it was so fun to watch them race!

Daddy and Brooklyn taking a swim in the lake! It was getting dark and Brooklyn wanted out. haha

Not such a good picture but I love these two people!


Tamara said...

It's so fun to see what you are up to! What a fun adventure for you all.

Aimless said...

Montana has lakes too you know!!! big ones! i know 34* doesn't sound like to much fun, but Matt swam in glacier water that is below 32* so..... yeah. miss you guys and hope NY is treating you well.