Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day three of pictures...

These pictures are of us traveling on the road to NY! Brooklyn loved sitting in the cab of the moving van because she could see EVERYTHING as opposed to being in the back seat of the car. One rule of advice when you buy your toddler a carseat make sure its high enough so he/she can actually see out the window and not always see the SKY!

Look at those smiles!

Brooklyn insisted I be in the picture too!

My mom and Brooklyn helping unload the moving the van. It was a lot of hard and hot work! We sweated buckets of water!

Our new home! Its a three story home, still smaller than our old home. We have boxes in the basment that pretty much fill it all up! I need to organize it more but when?.....

Brooklyn hard at work! She wanted to help, help and help! She is a great worker!