Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brooklyn's Birthday and the beginning of Summer!!!

I thought it would be about time to post about Brooklyn's 5th birthday... yeah 5th birthday!!! I know... its nuts but she just keeps growing and growing and we aren't sure how to stop her from growing and she tells us she just can't stop growing!   We sure love this little sweet pea!  Brooklyn was so excited to have a birthday party with ALL of her friends.  She wanted to play some traditional and fun games for her birthday and so we did just that! Pin the stem on the flower, duck duck goose, animal charades, popping balloons (although that didn't go too well for some of the kids... they started crying...oops!) and decorating cupcakes!

Brooklyn was so excited to give all of her friends a party bag and couldn't wait! When the party was over and parents were picking up their kids she specifically informed me that she was passing out the party bags and not me hahaha...

 Cupcake decorating table! I know I am no Martha Stewart and in no way am I trying to be... it gets all messed up in a few seconds anyways!

The children enjoyed piling on all the candy they could find on their cupcake and munching on it too! 

 How sweet! They didn't even know each other before the party! Sweet Madi- we miss you by the way cute girl! And sweet Emily from school.

Abby achieving success! 

Playing with one of her several Polly Pockets sets she received from her birthday party. We love you Brooklyn and we are so grateful for the sweet spirit you bring into our home.

The beginning of the summer swimming fun!!! 
We were lucky this summer to go out on the lake several times with our friends who recently bought a boat, the Gardners!  Thank you for such fun times!!!

Gotta look cool with them glasses! 

Surfer Girl!!! 

Water tubing (Abby, Matt and Brooklyn). At one point the tube starting digging in the water and soaked the girls which resulted in tears but soon all was forgotten! 

Holding on for dear life!!! 

I'm taking the reigns so ya better watch out! Where ever there is a steering wheel, guaranteed you will find Taylor behind that wheel!!  

 First time knee boarding! I was so surprised she even tried!

And she did such a great job! 

 The joy and peace of being out on the lake at dusk!

Amy Gardner showing off her skills!!! 

Blake Gardner- thanks again for all the fun times!!!


Jenelle said...

Cute pictures! Makes me miss you even more! I loved seeing the birthday party pics- Madi misses Brooklyn and tells me so all the time. Just today she sang, "The stars are out, the moon is shinin' bright." (A song from that computer game they'd always play.) :)