Monday, August 29, 2011

More Summer FUN!!!

Our summer fun has been going and going and going!  We never want it to stop but we all know all summer fun comes to an end but hey Fall FUN will start soon! Who doesn't love the Fall especially in Rochester, NY! Enjoy the pictures!

Brooklyn's sunflower that she has been growing since it was a seed. It grew and it grew and it really grew! We had it in our home for while but soon it out grew the windowsill. As soon as we planted it in the garden it seriously grew this tall in a matter of days! 

It took a while for the ONE flower to show up! It finally did after a day in Toronto we came home to this! I would have gotten a picture with Brooklyn in it but she was alseep! Darn bugs and birds kept eating/picking the leaves... 

Trying so hard to bloom! Bloom where you're planted!  

Taylor loves otter pops! Brain freeze maybe? 

 Taylor's first time eating cereal with a spoon, because I finally gave in a let her... several times since she has spilled the bowl of milk on the tray and onto the floor... thats why I was so hesitant. Silly girl but I sure love her!

Pucker lips! So darn cute when she does this! I swear whenever we ask her to pose she does just this. haha 

With all the hot and humid heat this summer we did anything to try and keep cool! Matt was so hot one day and complained about our "working" AC and couldn't stand it any longer he stood on the chair to get a wift of what "cool" air was blowing out of this tiny vent. I laughed SO HARD... his face just did me in! 

Keeping herself busy one Sabbath afernoon.. Ready for the winter Brooklyn? 

That same afternoon I caught her playing on her computer... So imaginative that girl! 

On our way to Toronto, Canada! Two hot gals showing off their shades! They are so good together and keep each her busy and laughing. 

CN Tower is the tallest "free standing structure" in North
America. Its actually taller than the Sears Tower in Chicago but since its not a building its not the tallest building... Thought I'd share that bit of information with ya. We decided not to go inside this because it was way too expensive and we, frankly, wanted to spend our money at the mall! LOL we are funny aren't we? 

Since I hardly get in pictures (cause I am always the one taking them) I thought I would post us girls near the CN tower too! 

Matt and I were sitting a table near by when we notice Brooklyn pretend talking on her phone... She must have just broken up with her boyfriend because she did not look happy! LOL 

One of my favorite pictures of these two! 

We stumbled upon the Hard Rock Cafe and decided to eat there for lunch! Mmmm! This is where Brooklyn learned the "squid" and "crab walk" move with her knuckles from the fun waiter we had.  If you want to know what it is, you'll have to hit knuckles with Brooklyn to find out! 

Look who decided to invade earth! SPOCK!!! 

Is he for real the real one? He stared right at me when I took this picture it spooked me out and I hurried off so he wouldn't ZAP me with his gun! shuddering... imagine that... 

We visited an old train station that was central to Toronto. Sorry we didn't get the whole picture of the caboose.... I wasn't taking this picture, you know who did.  

Oh my gosh! It looks a lot like Times Square!  

Had to post this picture of Taylor signing "camera"... she sure loves to use her hands! You should see her mimicking me when I sign and talk, she does the same only she moves her hands around and chatters too! It gets to me everytime and I laugh laugh laugh! She then giggles too.... LOL! 

The Pharoh?


Ann Mitchell said...

Looks like you had a great summer!

Mr. Cousins said...

What cute pictures. Your girls are adorable.

Jenelle said...

Toronto looks awesome! Wish we had passports so we could've gone while living in Rochester. B's sunflower is impressive!

Stacie said...

love love the pix! Looks like you guys had an awesome time!