Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mac getting Pampered!

Okay, I have been waiting for almost a week for our Mac computer to come back home to us and yet it's still getting pampered by one of Matt's co-workers at Fidelity. The point of this.... It has all the pictures on it for me post on the blog! Needless to say... I would like our Mac to come back home to us.

So while I have no picutres to post I do have a funny story that happened last night. Matt, as many of you now know, works at Fidelity. You'd think that since he graduated from college he would be done with classes, books, studying, quizes and test! Nope! Since he has to get his series.... something.... I can't remember.... He has had classes at work for the pass month and now is studying 4 hours a day at work unless his study time gets cancelled and he is on the phones. If that happens he has to study 4 hours at home to make up for the time lost (although he gets a time and a half for 4 study hours if has to study at home, a big plus!). Anyways, yesterday Matt had been studying for almost 9 hours and it was really late in the night when I suggested he take a snoozer because I noticed smoke was coming out of his ears from his brain being so fried! I told him I would wake him up in 30 mins. I woke him up and he said, "So did you do everybody's hair?" hahahaha I was laughing and asked what? He said it again, "Did you do everybody's hair? Didn't you get the big round brush?" I was laughing so hard and he was like what? I kept laughing and he fell back to sleep. I woke him up again and he said, "Did you hit the refresher button with your browser?" LOL! I said what? He said, "To update your system". You can imagine how hard I was laughing because he was so out of it. I told him all about it this morning and we had a good laugh again! I do appreciate my hubby for working so hard! I know he will do well on his finals in May. I love you Babe! Babe! I got you babe! Babe, I got you babe!