Saturday, April 19, 2008

SLC Marathon

This morning Matt, Brooklyn and I woke up at 6:30 am to drive to SLC to watch all the marathon runners. Every year we meet at the Lingwall's home, (friends from our old ward) and we (the old ward and us) have a big breakfast and watch all the runners go by. It's so fun to cheer all the runners on and see them accomplish such a hard thing. We really enjoyed it this morning and it was good to see all of our friends. We would love to move back in the ward someday.... soon... we will see. Later on we went to the Gateway to see all the runners make it to the finish line. It's a great sight to see....
I want to share something... each year I get a little emotional watching all the runners go by. Is that normal or not? I don't think it is but why do I get emotional? I think it's because as I watch all the runners, some are running for the first time, some many times and some are walking, some are struggling and some are helping others. It's the fact that they are doing something that is not easy at all and it takes courage, strength and dedication to do. I love watching the dedication of all the people who want to finish the race. I see others who are done, go back and help others who are struggling and help them to the finish line... it's a sweet moment of kindness and encouragement. I compare this experience with our own lives, we all go through life and there are struggles we all go through. But we don't have to go through our struggles alone, we are given words of encouragement along the way, just like those who are cheering on the runners. We are given help along the way, just like those who stopped to help other runners. Right now we all have courage in this life as we go through each day and we have dedicated ourselves to making it to the end... to the finish line.  I know Heavenly Father loves us all and wants us to be happy and help others to make it back home to Him. I am grateful for my tearful moments as I watch the runners... I would hope that others would cheer me along the way and many have. 

Brooklyn and Daddy watching the runners!
My boss John Peebler and his wife Sue! 
It was so fun to see them! John is the best boss 
I have ever had and have learned sooo much from him!
My good friends Cindy (middle) and Jeanene (right).
Cindy was my trainer on my mission and Jeanene
was so sweet to interpret for me in our old ward when
Matt and I lived in SLC. Cindy and Jeanene both live
in the apartment 4-plex we lived in. We sure miss
the Waterloo Ward! 

Brooklyn looking all serious like they did it in the old times.
Really... she was just really tired and not a happy girl. We woke her
up early at 6:30 am to come and support all the runners!
Cute couple Tanner and Brooklyn! Tanner swam with
Matt at the U of U. He came and hung out with us!

At the Gateway watching the runners. Two other friends of
Matt's came, Cody and Swiss (to the right of Matt). They both
also swam with Matt at the U. We have some great
group of friends!

Brooklyn was knocked out when we stopped for lunch.
She slept the whole way home. She is now in a great mood,
especially because Daddy took her for a ride on the "Mono" (motorcycle).
She loves the Mono!


The Postums said...

I love the mono as well! with you guys getting up at 6:30, it explains why i got a text from Matt at 7:40... i am however a sleeper inner on Saturdays. nothing before 9 makes me get up unless it is kid related and could cause serious damage(all the freaking time). i think it is pretty cool you guys go cheer on the runners. i noticed you guys walking around with the sun shine and it looked warm. not like here, it wasn't over 30* today and snowed all day... yet another reason why i hate living in the frigid north. can't a guy get some sun.... ya know, i'd settle for partly cloudy or maybe even temps above 45*. sorry, just venting. talk to you guys later.


Loni said...

Going to watch the runners is one of my favorite things to do! I am so sad I have missed it for the last 2 years living out here. Hey Shari, lets make a goal to run at least the SL half marathon the year I move back. It would be fun!