Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Orland0 Baby Whoo Baby Whoo!

So I made it here in Orlando! I am here with my Utah Deaf team playing in a basketball tournament. In March we won the regional tournament and so we got invited to play in Orlando for the National Tournament. We are number 3 seed and have a bye in the first round. We play the winner of Rochester and Providence tomorrow at 7:30 pm. I will try to keep you all updated on how we are doing. I wish I had some pictures to post but I don't! Matt and I can't find our darn stinkin tootin camera! So if anyone knows where it is by all means let us know! I think I will call our family the Bailey "lose everything" Family. Seriously we are always losing things and it's not just things like food, or a pencil it's stuff like Matt's wallet, my keys, the CAMERA! So I will see if I can download some pictures from my friend's camera while I am here. Anyways, we are staying at a sweet resort donated to us by one of the player's mother, Claudia, she is the owner of Audio Enhancement, the company Matt used to work for. I have posted the link so you can check it out! We are so spoiled out here! Last weekend we had a fundraiser and raised over $1000 for our team plus we have also gotten donations; THANKS DAD AND CAM AND MICHELLE!

Well I need to get to sleep! It's 2:00 am here! I will come back and post when I can!
I love you Matt and Brooklyn! Wishing you guys were here! SMOOCH!


Schonbergs said...

Hi Shari! our link is gjessandjacks hope you have a good time

The Postums said...


Matt told us where you were staying so we looked up the link a while ago and! That place is a palace!!! It all looks like sooo much fun! How did everything go over there? Did you win?!

I have to work tonight but maybe some day this week when I have the night off, I will try and call you on the video phone again and you can tell me all about Orlando! Maybe Thursday night?

Our link is

It's warm and sunny up here, FINALLY! The sun makes every day so much better!

love you guys!