Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy October!

Here are some pictures of things that happened this past
month of October!

Brooklyn's pumpkin she made in preschool!

Her pumpkin on display in our home! I am so proud of her!

We went to Browns Berry Patch and picked some pumpkins for Brooklyn! Its such a fun place with yummy food, play stuff, "pick your own" raspberries, pumpkins, apples, etc. It's such a great family place! Brooklyn and I went with our Gals!

Steering the wheel!

She blends right in with the pumpkin patch!

We took pictures at the neat cemetery near our home! Its one huge cemetery and is nothing like I have ever seen before... Looks like a cemetery you would see in scary movie but it's such a neat place! Most of the time when we pass the cemetery Brooklyn says, "Mommy! People are just dying to get in there!" hahaha Daddy taught her that joke.

Making her scary witch face! (shutter...)

These are the kids of the cool mothers I hang out with! Aren't they adorable?
(L to R) Abigail, Madi, Brooklyn and Hazel

She loved being a "good" witch!

Yum Yum Yummy! All my candy!

Matt and I were invited to our friends 1920's murder mystery party! Luckily neither one of us was the murderer! We enjoyed a wonderful 4 course meal and enjoyed solving the mystery! It was so fun getting dressed up! Its been a few years since I have done that and I think I will continue to do it! SO FUN! Thanks Rachel and Jordan! (they are the 3rd couple from the left). Missing are Janelle and Jordan who were visiting back home in Utah. We missed you guys!

I am proud of my curls!


Jordan and Rachel said...

I love the pictures. Thanks so much for coming. It was so fun to just get together and eat food.

JWolfgramm said...

your costume is great! And Brooklyn looks adorable in her witch costume pics!

Jenelle said...

You guys look great in your murder mystery outfits... I'm so sad we missed it. You did an awesome job with your curls. You look great, as always!