Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day two of pictures....

Here is day two.... Well almost day two! Haha its 11:51 pm as I do this but I said I would try to get some pictures up each day even if I don't type alot of words!
These next set of pictures are of Nauvoo which we were able to spend of a couple of hours at (not long enough but at least we got to go there). I also have pictures of Brooklyn and her part of the moving before we came out to NY.

One of my ancestors! Israel Barlow is my great-great-great-great grandfather on my dad's mom's side.... whew! Did I get that right? There was a great article on him in the Church News a few weeks ago. Click here to read it. He was a great man and a few years ago this statue was dedicated to him in Nauvoo.

Beautiful City Beautiful City of Nauvoo!

My mom was taking pictures and noticed that the temple reflected from the water where a statue of Hyrum and Joseph is in front of the temple... Pretty neat view!

We arrived when it was pretty close to sunset in Nauvoo and it was just beautiful!

The bridge leading to Nauvoo, going over the Mississippi River.

Posing during the trip to NY! Isn't she darling?
Brooklyn was great help packing the moving the van! As you can see it looks dark and we were packing well into the night!

One of Brooklyn's stuff she loaded on the moving truck, mommy's old pink blackberry cover.
Random items Brooklyn threw in a box to pack up and put in the moving truck. She saw how we were packing stuff in boxes and went around the house and compiled her own box. Notice she has my contact lens case in there! haha! As well as the garage door opener that had to stay for the renters, the camera charger and other things. I was glad I caught this box before someone packed it up in the van! Brooklyn was such great help and wanted to help in every little thing. She is a hard worker!