Monday, November 2, 2009

Last night during our family time together Matt, Brooklyn and I sat down and put a list together of things we are THANKFUL for. Although November is the month known as THANKSGIVING we should always be thankful for things throughout the year. We want to share with you things we are thankful for, I am sure you will know which ones are Brooklyn's... She made us laugh... Such a sweet and kindred spirit she is...

Our Family
All the pretty colors on the tree
Daddy is going to school
Mommy doesn't have to go to work
Friends that we have made here
Matt doesn't lose his keys anymore
Brooklyn is thankful that she misses grandma
Family support back home
Brooklyn because she is a good helper
How pretty Brooklyn and Shari are
For the things that we have
That we are having another baby
Utah is undefeated in the MWC
That we can go to church
Time we get to spend together as a family
That we have a lamp
The beautiful nature around here
Food, in all of it's varieties
That our house is all set up
Text messaging (because I can't talk on the phone)
Brooklyn has brown yes just like Mommy
That we were putting our couch in the moving truck (so cute!)
We have the best Mommy in world!
Grandpa can talk to us on VP
The Holidays
That Jesus loves us
Sherrie is coming out for 3 weeks! (yes!)
When Shari and Brooklyn come eat with Daddy at work
That we can follow Jesus and the Prophet
That our family will be together forever
and so much more!


Loni said...

it was fun trying to guess who said what. We were positive matt said "food, in all it's varities". We miss you guys!

Peter and Jen Bell said...

Thanks for putting this on your blog. It's always nice to read things like this and be reminded of everything I'm grateful for too.

Jenelle said...

Cute post. That Brooklyn is so sweet- just like her mama.

Dena Coleman Bailey and Randy Bailey said...

So cute. The food in all it's varities....MATT. We sure love being able to talk on VP. Thay was a good idea. Thanks for posting that.

CWatts said...

Miss you guys! Their wedding will probably be in May. How is everything going in NY? I love reading your blog to get updates. Love ya!